Go to the masses, care for the needs of the masses!The province’s first people’s Congress system exhibition hall opened in Conghua

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Following the completion of the province’s first township level people’s congress theme square, Conghua people’s Congress work has taken another important step.On the morning of February 17, the first exhibition hall of the provincial People’s Congress system opened in Liangkou, Conghua.This is an important publicity window led by the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Conghua District to better publicize the system of people’s congresses. It is also an important platform for the public to understand the system of people’s congresses and a practice base for the deputies of people’s congresses at all levels to learn and train.Exhibition hall compact, covers an area of about 80 square meters, is divided into “the people’s congress system history” “the people’s congress system basic content” “the people’s congress system conghua practice” the three chapters, through the form such as words, pictures and in-kind, from different sides and different Angle of view to review the past development of China’s people’s congress system,Explain the historical logic, theoretical logic and practical logic of the people’s congress system, highlight the great superiority and strong vitality of the people’s congress system, so as to further enhance confidence in China’s fundamental political system.”We are through the nature of the people’s congress system status, advantages, the important principle, the core content, shows the system’s basic content, as well as the National People’s Congress, the standing committee of the National People’s Congress of the main functions and powers, the election of people’s congress, the rights and obligations, to visit and learn the people’s congress at all levels and the people fully understand the content of the system,We will further strengthen our confidence in the system.”Introduction of conghua District People’s Congress Standing Committee.The Grand National People’s Square, where the exhibition hall is located, is a mass activity carrier integrating cultural entertainment, green leisure and public service.Good mouth people square in front of the main is given priority to with parking, six random phenomenon is serious, the lack of can let people’s leisure entertainment space, good mouth people many times to the National People’s Congress on behalf of, the relevant government departments reflect situation, township and town party committee of National People’s Congress, the government attaches great importance to public opinion in 2021 will be a good mouth into a good mouth town square construction of National People’s Congress ten pieces of one of the people’s livelihood “projects.The rapid transformation of Liangkou People’s Congress Square highlights the culture of people’s Congress in its design. It is the first “people’s Congress” themed square in the province, and also a good place for people in Zhenxu to relax and keep fit.Keep a tree in the square, with a history of 60 or 70 years, liangkou town center liaison station every month 15 NPC deputies into the village reception day activities are also held next to the tree, NPC deputies listen to voters under the tree, perform the duties of representatives, the side of the cultural stone carved with the “people first” four characters,It embodies the essence of socialist democracy that the people are masters of the country.The completion of Liangkou People’s Congress Square and the People’s Congress System Exhibition Hall is an important measure taken by conghua District People’s Congress Standing Committee to continuously strengthen the work and construction of district and town people’s congresses.Currently, conghua district completed eight town (street) the National People’s Congress on behalf of the central junction, clear on behalf of the central junction and the presidium of the NPC, office of National People’s Congress, on behalf of the family of “the unity of” four function orientation, at the same time build “stand in the center + + + studio” pour point layout system, make on behalf of ties with the masses, proposing more ground and fruitful life.According to the actual situation of people going to work during the day, conghua People’s Congress held market day and night activities to receive voters and widely listen to the opinions and suggestions of the masses.Deputies to the PEOPLE’s Congresses make full use of holidays, market days and night hours to receive the people. They are no longer confined to their stations, but take the initiative to go out to the people, pay attention to their needs and expectations, and better speak for and serve the people.”During the night, the people asked the NPC deputies about the construction of Liangkou Town market and Bishui New village, and put forward their opinions and suggestions on housing, drainage and transportation in the area, and the deputies answered and responded.”Xie Haijia, chairman of liangkou Town people’s Congress, said that through night reception, people have received complaints about the difficulty of going upstairs, going to school and parking in the town, and the town people’s congress is now pushing the town government to solve the problem.In recent years, the Standing Committee of the Conghua District People’s Congress has actively carried out work innovation, and the overall effectiveness of the work of the PEOPLE’s Congress has been significantly enhanced.In particular, xitang Constitution Museum opened on December 4, 2018. As the first constitutional museum built in rural areas in China, it further promoted the publicity and education of the Constitution to the grassroots level, and provided a strong legal guarantee for the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy and the construction of a social governance pattern of joint contribution, common governance and shared benefits.Whether the NPC deputies went to the village to live under the trees to receive people, or held market day and night activities to receive voters…The essence of conghua’s innovative practice in its work is to further expand the depth and breadth of the “two links” and realize the “three changes”, namely, the change of communication channels between deputies and the masses from “one-way” to “two-way”, the change of contact locations from “fixed” to “mobile”, and the change of working methods from “venue” to “site”.Zhu Weiliang statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com