Lingchuan ecological culture tourism demonstration area party working Committee held party history study education thematic democratic life

2022-04-24 0 By

On January 26, lingchuan ecological culture tourism demonstration area party working committee leadership held party history study education thematic democratic life.City county party history study education steering group, county discipline inspection commission supervision committee concerned comrades to guide.At the meeting, the Party working committee group around the party history study education thematic democratic life theme, adhere to the problem-oriented, carry forward the spirit of self-revolution, serious criticism and self-criticism, clean political dust, purify the political soul, to face up to the problem, deepen consensus, enhance unity, cohesion.Steering group, points out that during the working party history study education project democratic life meeting fully prepared to, solicit opinions widely practical, heart-to-heart talk honest, analyze the problem of accurate, criticism see reinforced bone, corrective measures are feasible, better meet the requirement of the political life of the party, on the expected effect.And put forward five suggestions to the development of the demonstration area: one should focus on the problem rectification.We must firmly establish a long-term operational awareness, take action and make changes to the listed problems, continue to work hard for a long time, with respect to the end as the beginning of the attitude and the spirit of “nail” rectification;Second, we need to focus on project construction.The demonstration area is a production unit, so we should further optimize the business environment, increase investment and investment, and do a good job in project construction. We should make good use of the “six modernization” working method, and focus on improving the market potential, aesthetic audience and local integration of the project to ensure that the project can maximize its economic effect after it lands.Third, we need to focus on the health care industry.Cultural tourism services should be built around health care, rather than visitation or scenic tourism. The characteristics and advantages of demonstration areas should be highlighted, in line with tourism needs, and high-end health care industries with different levels of demand should be built.Fourth, we should focus on service enterprises.The product of the demonstration area is the enterprise. We should go deep into the grassroots and actively solve the painful and difficult problems in the development of enterprises. We should further promote the reform of “commitment system + standard place + all agency”, improve the sense of service, and integrate with enterprises.Fifth, focus on brand building.We should work hard to strengthen the cultural publicity and lead, build and promote strongly, and focus on building the demonstration area health tourism brand system.The meeting emphasized that the demonstration area Party working committee should take the thematic democratic life as an opportunity, highlight the problem-oriented, strict and solid do a good job of rectification, effectively transform the democratic life achievements into a demonstration area to speed up the construction of the upgraded version of the powerful power, with excellent results to meet the party’s twenty victory held.