Sales of 17 major automakers fell in January. Why are these three bucking the trend?

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A few days ago, we released the TOP20 domestic terminal sales (insurance) in January, among which 17 auto companies saw a month-on-month decline in sales, and only three auto companies realized a month-on-month increase in sales.Today, let’s make a detailed analysis of why the sales of 17 auto companies declined from the previous month, while Beijing Benz, SAIC Passenger Car and Chery New Energy rose against the trend.First of all, why did the sales of 17 car companies decline in different degrees?We think there are four reasons: 1. In order to achieve the sales target of 2021, most auto companies rush at the end of the year.2. In 2022, new energy vehicle subsidies will decline by 30%. At the end of last year, a number of car companies released signals to increase prices in 2022, prompting willing consumers to purchase in advance and releasing orders from car companies in advance.3. The price rise of some car companies’ models may cause consumers who want to buy new energy vehicles to delay their purchase and enter a wait-and-see state.So far, more than a dozen auto companies have decided to raise prices, including tesla, BYD, Nezha Cars, Krypton, Xiaopeng and other mainstream auto companies.4. From the perspective of the sales trend of new energy vehicles over the years, January and February are off-season sales, especially February (affected by the Spring Festival holiday) is the annual sales trough, and March began to pick up.Zhang Xiang, an auto analyst, also said, “First of all, at the end of last year, car companies gave consumers a big discount in order to boost sales, and many consumers overdrew in advance.The second is the rollback of subsidies, resulting in consumers buying the same car to spend more money;The third reason is that December is the peak sales season, while January itself is a slow sales season. No one buys a car during the Spring Festival holiday, which leads to a decline in car sales in January, which is a normal phenomenon.”On the reasons for the decline in car sales, we visited several car companies.Xiaopeng automobile public relations said, “based on the continuous rise of orders in hand and annual growth expectations, xiaopeng automobile from the end of January to early February during the Spring Festival production of Xiaopeng Zhaoqing base to carry out technical transformation.With the completion of the transformation, we expect to accelerate delivery of a large number of in-hand orders into 2022.”A source at Changan New Energy said, “Subsidies for new energy will be reduced in January, and problems such as batteries and chips have not been effectively solved.”And other car companies sales decline reasons, as of the press did not get a reply.Why Beijing Benz, SAIC passenger car, Chery new Energy three car enterprises against the trend of growth?According to the data of the Ministry of Public Security, THE terminal sales volume of BBAC in 2021 was 11,563, of which 2,503 were sold in December.In January, Beijing Benz sold 3,637 vehicles, up 46.8% from the previous month.Bbac currently sells four models, among which 202 mercedes-benz EQB were sold, up 274.1% from the previous month.Mercedes E 350 E L PHEV sold 2,766 units, up 86.9% from the previous month;Mercedes-benz sold 257 EQA units, up 68% from the previous month.The Bbac EQB was officially launched at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November last year with a price tag of 437,800 yuan.The new car uses the latest family design, the biggest highlight is the seven-seater layout.It is also normal that orders for the Mercedes EQB, which has been on the market for only two months, are gradually released.The E 350 E L PHEV 2022 model was launched at last year’s Shanghai Auto Show with a price tag of 5219,900 yuan.Because of the Mercedes-benz brand, this plug-in hybrid car is selling relatively well in China.Abroad, sales of the E-Class have been so hot that orders have been stopped.The all-new Mercedes-benz E-Class is expected to debut in the first half of 2023, followed by Beijing Benz.The Mercedes-benz EQC 350 4MATIC special edition went on sale for 509,800 yuan.The launch of the new car will help BBAC sales hit a new high.Saic sold 10,398 passenger car terminals in January, up 8.2% from the previous month.Klevis CLEVER sold 5,351 units, up 73.6% from the previous month;Roewe RX5 eMAX sold 331 units, up 81.9% from the previous month.At the end of 2021, the all-new Roewe RX5 eMAX will be launched, with a total of three models, with a subsidized price range of 169,800 to 189,800 yuan.The reason for the increase in SAIC passenger vehicles is that we believe that the launch of new models and the rise in sales of the main model Cleaver CLEVER.Chery new energy terminals sold 13,983 units in January, up 4% from the previous month.As hongguang MINI’s biggest competitor, chery QQ ice cream’s terminal sales volume reached 7,517 units only in February, up 83.7% from the previous month.A few days ago, we learned from the official of Chery New Energy that the special edition of Chery QQ Ice cream — Taojoy will be launched in the second quarter of 2022.The launch of new models has further enriched chery New Energy’s product camp and contributed to its sales growth.Author: Li Yanjiao Source: First Electric Network (