Taoyuan Airport nucleic acid collection unexpectedly let people spit in a confined space, Taiwan netizens spray: there is something wrong

2022-04-25 0 By

According to Taiwan media on February 11, after Taiwan forced landing passengers nucleic acid collection, all Taiwan airports are set up saliva detection stations, passengers “spit” detection.Recently, a person who just returned to Taiwan said that the testing station was less than 1 ping (equal to 3.33 ping) and the space was confined. He was worried that the virus might be transmitted by aerosols in the stagnant air, so he could not help but become angry and denounced the testing method, which was not only primitive and uncultured, but also a violation of human rights.The news sparked discussion online, with some criticizing the “brainless authorities”, while others blasted: “Such authorities should really spit on them!”Has just returned to Taiwan of Chen to media report, he after the aircraft landing songshan airport, with all the passengers came to the testing station for virus detection of saliva, impressively detection, detection mechanism was let passenger “spit” in the cup, what is more ridiculous, spit place was small, less than 1 ping (equal to 3.33 flat) cap confined Spaces.Public criticism, saliva detection station closed narrow, air circulation, DO not know how many people spit in this confined space?How much saliva is in the air?Is there any novel coronavirus infection of the person who spat previously?Even if there is no novel coronavirus, are there any other viruses that can be transmitted through droplets?Mr. Chen said: “Spit into the cup of this primitive, uncultured way of detection, just happened in Taiwan island!What dignity do people under such a quarantine regime have?Where is the human right of passengers entering Taiwan to be treated safely?Their health, safety and human rights were trampled on at Songshan Airport in Taiwan.”He added: “The authorities’ epidemic prevention measures, at least those taken at the airport, may not be enough to describe their depravity.”The news sparked outrage among netizens, who left comments under the news: “Such authorities should really spit on them!””When my family came to Taiwan four months ago, I thought the spitting test would be the first possible source of infection…”Brainless authorities,” “So that’s how so many people get infected from outside the island.” “Is Chen Shizhong busy thinking about the election every day?””Too busy entering ‘Fu Food’ to have time to control epidemic prevention?””In order to prevent people from spitting out water, we suggest that the quarantine station hang a 1.5 jade photo,” he said. “In this way, people will only spit on the photo, not in the saliva collector.”