Three men were detained for stealing across the border

2022-04-25 0 By

Recently, the public security organ of Daozhen County in Zunyi City has severely cracked down on several back-flow personnel smuggled into northern Myanmar. The criminal investigation team of Daozhen County public Security Bureau received the data of back-flow personnel pushed by the Public security Bureau of Zunyi City, and through analysis and judgment, found that three men in Daozhen have the suspicion of sneaking across the border.After learning the situation, the public security bureau of Daozhen county summoned the people involved and investigated the fact that they illegally crossed the national border.”They confessed to the crime of illegally crossing the border,” said Wei Chunbo, commander of the Intelligence Squadron of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Daozhen Autonomous County Public Security Bureau. “We accepted the case in time and placed a case on file to detain them for illegally crossing the border.”According to the smuggler, they were lured to northern Myanmar by their friends with high wages: “It is enough to know how to type and chat, and then work in an office with air conditioning. In fact, I did not believe him at first, but when I said there was no travel fee, he was very serious about money, and then he was a little moved.”Say good high salary but really in north myanmar after just know is engaged in telecom fraud crime personnel: crossing “gang on the Internet looking for the victim, cheat their money, is through the chat to take them into a kind of software, then this software let people fill with 50000 today, and then gave him the 50000 card, call him again to take this fifty thousand to charge additional money.”In fraud dens in northern Myanmar, those lured into the past are forced to engage in criminal activities, and if they do not comply, they are brutally tortured.After experiencing such nightmare, the smuggling personnel finally wake up.