Women secretly like you, there will be these “little moves”, do not know

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Long years, always meet a person, let you cherish a spoony to him, very heavy, very heavy, difficult to put down.For him, you force yourself to believe that you’ve met the right person.Beautiful love, coming soon.However, a lot of times, love imagine how perfect, the consequences will be how hurtful.A woman secretly fall in love with a person, more will be so, just because of the love of the people, women will be very strong principle, once a man into her eyes, her heart will no longer tolerate others.She will cherish every moment she has with that person, even if there are other people around her who are trying to be nice to her, and she will end her current love before she can move on.And, most women are reserved and shy, to their favorite people, their attitude is, carefully get along, confessions, can not control the “small action”.So, many love, in some careless collision, testing forward.Love a person is not hidden, cover your mouth, eyes, actions, will also come out.When a woman shows you these three things, you should pay attention. She may be secretly liking you.01 As long as there is you in, always want to be close to you, eyes always follow you love will always make people lose their minds, especially women.Especially in the face of their favorite person, she can not control their heartbeat, always want to close to him, more will always look at that person.Whether voluntarily or unintentionally, when the man of her heart is around her, her inner joy and joy will appear in her eyes.For example, Zixia met The Supreme treasure, and a Wink fascinated us and made us feel her love for the supreme Treasure.Love a person, perhaps is such, can not hide the inner impulse and arbitrary, let the people around, feel her happiness.Perhaps, the bravest time for a woman is when she is sitting next to the person she likes. She can’t resist her love and always wants to get close to the other side. She wants to communicate more with the other side, understand more and have more conversations, so that he can also notice her and have a good impression of her.Still remember a song, once sang: finally made this decision, how others say I ignore, as long as you are also the same affirmation, I am willing to go to the ends of the earth with you, I know everything is not easy.Once she moved the heart, will give birth to thousands of courage, even if never to him, but will be brave to let oneself take a step, close to that person, have the opportunity to contact more, as long as there is an opportunity to be with him, she will be desperate to fight for.So if you meet a woman who is approaching you, don’t doubt her sincerity. Chances are she’s showing you love with all her courage.The most obvious sign that a woman has a crush on someone is that she always wants to cling to them and be nice to them.You will find that she, who used to seldom attend wine parties, dinners and friends’ parties, suddenly appears. Even though she is still silent, she has many smiling faces. Even though she is still low-key, her eyes will inadvertently collide with you.She will unconsciously eat the taste and you are very close, just because she has been concerned about you for a long time, already know your preferences, so, she will point to the dishes you love to eat, because you love to eat things, also become her favorite.When we eat together, you will find that she will deliberately take care of you, worried that you eat well, worried that you can not eat, when you smile to say “thank you” to her, her face has been filled with blush.Is the so-called, unrequited love is a person’s war.The person who truly loves you will leave a trace in every bit of life.You will feel that your side more than a care from her heart, more than some of her patient company, you will also feel that she and your hobbies are so close, originally you are interested in, she also like so.Only because, she is secretly like you, so, and you so similar.For example, two people who like each other, the more time they get along with each other, the habitual movements will be closer and closer, the expressions will be more and more similar, even the “catchphrase” will be the same.Only because she loves you, thinking about your appearance all the time in my heart, so there will be some similar to you, will want to enter your inner world, develop their own and you similar preferences.Love what you love, think what you think, and love what you love.The woman in secret love is so lovely.So, if you are also interested in her, might as well give her some response, do not let a good, in vain missed.There is a saying: the mountain has wood, xi Jun has no branches, yue Xi Jun does not know.This poem tells the story of a Yue woman who loves the emperor’s son secretly and bravely confesses her love to him.The woman is careful, but full of expectation heart, in two lines of poetry, jump on the paper.Spoony girl, always provoking love.”Unrequited love orange unripe huainan” in, Luo Poni loves Sheng Huainan for many years, humbly guarding his little idea, and what she does not know is, oneself in the heart of the other side, became an arrogant person however.It can be seen that unrequited love needs to be truly expressed in each other’s hearts.Smart girls are often good at inviting people they like. For example, when they are in trouble, they ask each other for help, just like when a computer breaks down, they ask each other to help reinstall the system.Or when they are in danger, they seek protection from the other person, just like when they are crossing the street and a car is passing by, they deliberately try to hide behind the other person.She will carefully create opportunities for two people to get to know each other, but also in contact with each other, to speculate about their feelings.There is a little metaphysics in the matter of feelings.But if only secretly like you, but don’t know each other, so end is like, you in the bookstore to buy books, met a person like the same book, your affection for him, but hesitate before, did not beg for the contact information of the other party, and then back home, you regret, for a period of fate, also from the side.So, whether you want to continue secretly like, or express your feelings, at least, to give the other side a little hint, let the other side know your mind, so, in order to be likely to contribute to a good fate.Conclusion: unrequited love is perhaps the purest emotion in the world.However, too pure, there will be a little resigned, silently like, quietly let go, quietly look forward to, the outcome often not so satisfied with you.Many unrequited love, have a happy ending, or god is doomed, two people have some chance to coincidence;Or they have never expressed their love, let alone said that they love you, but with every look, every gesture, they are showing their love to the other person and letting them know what they are thinking.The so-called, if love is deep love, if abandoned completely.We come to this world, walk, must be longing to be able to lover’s family.So, if you have a woman who is coming to you with all her might, showing you her charm, expressing her affection, and craving your approval, remember that if you have feelings for her, give her back, and don’t let her walk away disappointed.If you have no intention to her, so don’t accept the other side to your good, appropriately remind, is also your human kindness.Do not use ambiguous to hang each other, hurtful sad, also can let a person misunderstand, also can let your character and reputation damage.Finally, I wish every girl wandering in secret love could be lucky to meet the right person, in plain years, give you bright stars, live up to every glorious moment in this long life.Author, calm fox figure, network wish you in my words, find plain years, thick deep feeling!Thanks for your attention!