Civilized dog Raising: Public places do not “drop the chain”

2022-04-26 0 By

Loudspeaker announcement??The following content is dry!It is the essential common sense of dog people!The definitive guide for dogs to getting around the house!Lesson three This is our basic lesson of this course ah!I’m going to make a list for you and ask you to compare and see if you’ve missed anything?Didn’t do?Don’t look at these terms, these are very basic projects.But that’s what you have to do if you want a dog.Otherwise you are not a qualified “parent”!Take, for example, the vaccinations.You think, we give dog son inject finish rabies vaccine, prove it does not have rabies, also won’t get rabies.Is everyone relieved?So our dog’s still a hot dog?Dog tips always keep dogs, on the one hand, to restrain themselves, on the other hand, but also to learn the dog training and education.All right, so that’s the end of lesson three. Take all your notes. Go home.Of course not. Let us know that the civilized dog class is open from time to time. Look forward to the next class provided by the district civilization Office