Jinan Laiwu No.1 Middle School, Shandong Province, Grade 60 department 2 held an online class meeting, parents meeting

2022-04-26 0 By

On the evening of January 26th, all classes of Department 2, Grade 60 held the second online class meeting and parents’ meeting in winter vacation. One was to summarize and give feedback on the first week’s home study, and the other was to give further guidance to the next winter vacation life. All the head teachers, teachers, parents and students attended the meeting.As the last long vacation in high school, due to the epidemic, the time is earlier, so it is particularly important to combine work and rest and make full use of this holiday.At the beginning of the class meeting, each class gave feedback on the first week of home learning, praised the independent and self-discipline model of home learning, and the outstanding student representatives shared their independent learning experience.Then the head teacher shared the winter vacation strategy and gave detailed guidance to the winter vacation life. In addition to the detailed study plan, she also arranged family activities, sports activities and labor education.At the same time, all the teachers will always be online, answer questions, accompany students to spend a meaningful and meaningful holiday.This class meeting, parents’ meeting, both students and parents, said that they benefited a lot, and will plan every day of the holiday reasonably, and strive to achieve greater progress.Contribution: 60 Grade 2 Department editor: Ma Xiaoyue First: Peng Gang final: Jia Yuyan