Longnan Breakdown chang: live bridal chamber to welcome the bride

2022-04-26 0 By

Recently, a lively wedding ceremony was held in the tanchang Village of Shishang Village in Longnan City. The groom is Quan Wubing, a tanchang village official, and the bride is Qu Jiashu from Beijing. They are the first couple in the tanchang village.Move to the market town where rural government is in from devious mountain village, bid farewell to shabby old wooden house to live beautiful bridal chamber, welcome the bride of the other place, this year, a whole Wu Bing leads happiness all the more.In the sitting room of whole wubing home bridal chamber hung full of beaming ribbons, a variety of snacks, fruits are placed on the table, the whole house is permeated with the atmosphere of joy.In the chat with the whole Wu bing learned that the house in the past, located in the high mountains, living conditions, inconvenient transportation, is a typical remote village.”Local guys and girls are running away, let alone looking for a wife from other places.”Quan Wu Bing said.”How good the Party and the government are to us!We have enjoyed so many good policies that benefit the people.”Quan Wu Bing said that the family moved here, the room, living room, kitchen bright and clean, toilet, bathroom, solar water heater, furniture is complete.”It has three bedrooms and a big balcony. It’s bright and warm. It’s like heaven and earth compared to the old house.”All Wu Bing share joy to reporters, while greeting guests to the home.As far as is known, the transfer and resettlement site of Sishan Village in Shawan Town is one of the transfer and relocation projects launched by TANchang County in 2018. This transfer and resettlement site housed 1,198 people from 266 households in 7 villages including Yanghejia Village, Zhaojiapo village and Shuligan Village.At the same time, in order to solve site to move the masses’ follow-up industry development and stability, dangchang county and shawan by two-stage comprehensive ShiCe, to encourage migrant workers, absorb migrant workers to the nearest village cooperative, arrangement of public welfare jobs, residential property services, site shops autonomous employment, industry to fund investment share out bonus, and other measures, to ensure that every move people have increasing way,The real realization of moving out, steady, employment, can gradually become rich.