Spring full of shanhai Hisense hesui | hisense real estate on the west coast to the future together with you

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Mountains and seas New Year, wonderful New Year.As the New Year bell is about to ring, let’s bid farewell to the Year of the Ox, a year full of hope and aspiration.On the occasion of the New Year and the New Year, hisense Real Estate west Coast, WISH you all a happy year of the Tiger, all the best and look to the future together!The years are fresh and full of vitality.The time prelude of 2021 has come to an end, and standing at the starting point of 2022, looking back at the past greatness, there are the magnificent development of the era, but also the restructuring of the pattern.Hisense Real Estate is fortunate to record and witness the change, development and growth of the city together with every individual in the West Coast.<> All things grow toward the light.In 2022, we will continue to be a strong practitioner of urban responsibility and devote our time and efforts to realize the promise of a better future life.Based on the starting point of the New Year, Hisense Real Estate west Coast six linkage, together with the city, facing the light, toward the United States, forward.< > in the past, is proud, it is brilliant, is also the end of the old memories in the future, is unremitting, is wonderful, is the starting point of the annual fourth, fifth, happiness people, hisense real estate on the west coast with “hisense’s wonderful years” as the theme, a series of wonderful events, six linkage, with rich activities in the New Year, let every reunion yearning, in vision into reality, light city,It gives you a wonderful life.<> Flower market + New Year flower art works, a “flower art” journey full of poetry and romance, flower arranger comes to teach you DIY flower arrangement, accompanied by flowers, life becomes fresh and warm.<> To the God of wealth, beaming around, the God of wealth welcome guests & dig gold coins & Fu Lu Shouxi pot, experience the charm of Traditional Chinese culture.Detain spends photograph frame, xing Dai is spent in both hands, go decorating New Year festival with natural originality, with the most artistic means put the beauty of the flower.<> Year of the Tiger cuddlebucket and other dessert food, to meet your taste buds expectations, hisense real estate west Coast, enjoy the most IN food IN the New Year.A series of wonderful New Year activities, enjoy the fun of life, let the sweet “New Year” filled with heart, make a wonderful Spring Festival, “New Year” with friends and neighbors, enjoy the west Coast bright New Year.New Year new home buyers, Thanksgiving feedback, strength, hisense real estate project districts on the west coast town, aston villa, product m bay, day yue, bead mountain town, spirit valley cullinan, landscape, lingshan international six linkage, gift offered five major benefits, every family hope for the future, to better treatment help you of the spring and the quality of the home room, royal road to a better life.Like a tiger to add new home buyers major HuiLi, honour enjoy good price preferential housing, boost happiness AnJiaMeng tiger in delight New Year visit to bring new customized gifts, spelling a luck, tear open a red envelope, double tiger yun tiancheng good fortune Spring clinch a deal can be hit golden eggs, winning brand small appliances tiger bumper harvest Recommend new old owner clinch a deal, the new and old owner property costs 10000 yuan and old owner recommended with visit to new customers,Can receive exclusive New Year custom gift Lucky tiger fortune nationwide “salary” move, recommended transaction that enjoy 19999-50000 yuan/set of bonus (before tax) Note:Activity time from now to February 15 special room and part of the discount is not enjoyed at the same time each project policy is slightly different,For details, please consult the sales Office of each project. The right of final explanation belongs to Hisense Real Estate. All Hisense Flower Street town in the West Coast, Villa Shadow Core, M6 under Construction, Chuangzhi Valley Station, Villas of low quality, with a floor area of about 118-142㎡, Huajing Villas with a floor area of about 200-240㎡.0532-86772666<> Hisense Jimiwan, Tianyue Tang Island Bay core, M13 Subway side, Chengxin Mountain Villa, built surface 156-180㎡ Lishan Villa, built surface 180-315㎡ Sea villa0532-86768666<> Hisense Lingshan Bay, Tianxi Lingshan Bay Core, Double Subway side, Quality Artisan construction surface about 115-183㎡ Overlooking the sea Large flat floor Address: No. 2699 Binhai Avenue, West Coast New District0532-83120666<> Hisense · Zhushan Town, Xiaozhu Mountain, next to Shanscience And Technology University, existing double-stacked villas with construction surface of 165-180 square meters, 4-story double-stacked real villas Address: North gate of Shanscience and Technology University, West Coast New District, one kilometer to the west0532-86753666<> Hisense · Lingshan International Lingshan Bay Core · Double Metro · International Art Complex Building surface: 80-1860㎡ Free split space Building surface: 566-2985㎡ Single-family villa Address: No. 2699 Binhai Avenue, West Coast New District0532-83120333<> Hisense · View of Sino-German Ecological Park · Low-density Intelligent Oxygen Residential area with floor area of 150-200㎡ Passive eco-villa with floor area of 85-130㎡ Passive low-density house Address: Hall 9, Sino-German Creative Design Base, West Coast New District0532-83159666<> New Year property season hisense Real Estate five major benefits of the West Coast, settling down the West Coast with new ideas, what are your unforgettable New Year flavor or tiger year wishes for a better life?Please share in the comments below!We will send a hisense Real Estate West Coast Year of the Tiger folk doll to the top 10 thumbs up partners!Hurry up!Place to collect the prize: Zhushan Town Sales Office (1 km west to the north gate of West Coast Scientology University) or Lingshan Bay Sales Office (No. 2699 West Coast Binhai Avenue) or Jimi Bay Sales Office (west coast New District Jimi Ya Port west)