To vent!The captain of the national football team intentionally knocked down the Japanese players with the body: yu Dabao excited applause!

2022-04-26 0 By

The Chinese national football Team played against Japan in the key match of the round of 12. At the moment when the outside world expected a miracle, the Chinese national football team did not welcome a new change after the change of coach, but lost 2-0 to the opponent. The gap between the team and the Japanese team was quite obvious, and there was no advantage in technology at all.However, the National football team in the game also appeared a bit of a sad picture, the national football team in the body after the opponent, the field side of the national football team veteran Yu Dabao excited applause, this has become the national football team’s few excited point!In the game, China’s center Forward Zhang Yuning was assigned to start, hoping to use zhang’s body to give the opposing defense a blow.However, due to the speed and tempo gap, China’s front court almost did not get the ball, Zhang Yuning’s role is unable to play, even a decent header did not.And in the third minute of the game, Zhang Yuning chose to use the body to give the Japanese team defender “Xiama Ma”, which is the only way to vent the passive situation in the field.Trailing Japan 1-0 in the 46th minute of the first half, China failed to find any chances or even score at the end of the first half.At this time, the captain of the National football team again chose to vent his pent-up emotions by hitting his opponent with his body. In the process of taking the ball with the Side of the Japanese team, Wu Xi directly kicked the ball out of the sideline, and the Players of the Japanese team also fell to the ground, looking very painful!From the slow motion as you can see, Wu Xi in rob the ball at the same time, with the upper part of the tough flying Japan international defender macro sakai tree, and it just happened in front of the team’s bench, from the lens, substitute international face some depressed for the rest of the passive situation, but the impact that the bench of great treasure finally brace, excitedly as captain Wu Xi into applause.Obviously, such a scramble to occupy the advantage has become the only worthy of “encourage” things!There is no doubt that the national football team reflected the overall passivity of the game, Li Xiaopeng before the game to retain the hope of the comments are still impressive, but the reality is very cruel, the national football team has no way to give opponents a threat, let alone the naturalized national football team only Left Jiang Guangtai 1 starters!Have to say, the national football team lost this night sad even sad, Yu Dabao courtside applause appears some irony, to know, the last round of 12, Yu Dabao or lippi beat South Korea’s hero!(Lao Chiu Super League Football review)