Are us markets closed for Tomb Sweeping Day

2022-04-27 0 By

American markets are closed for Tomb Sweeping Day.1. In China, Hong Kong markets are closed for Tomb Sweeping Day, while Shanghai and Shenzhen markets are closed for tomb Sweeping Day.Overseas, the U.S. stock market is closed for Tomb Sweeping Day because it does not happen in the United States.The stock market is closed to make the market more rational.Like a car, you can’t just go on and on.As a technical car, the engine is of course more important.But as a car with social factors, the brakes are even more important.Frequent market closures are a brake pad for speculation and gambling.Stock markets in all countries are the same. China’s stock market is closed on domestic holidays, New Year’s Day, Spring Festival and other holidays, and the United States also has Christmas holidays.In the holiday, if according to the regulation of the closed stock market the working time is adjusted to the weekend, according to the principle of the weekend closed or closed.3. To put it simply, the time of stock market closure in each country is not uniform. It should be arranged according to local customs, festivals and legal holidays.As far as Tomb-sweeping Day is concerned, tomb-sweeping Day is both a traditional festival and a legal holiday in China, but it has nothing to do with the United States, so the American stock market is not closed on tomb-sweeping Day