Huiji district held economic operation analysis meeting

2022-04-27 0 By

On March 23, Wei Dong, secretary of the District Party Committee, presided over the economic operation analysis meeting of Huiji District, stressing the need to thoroughly implement the arrangements and arrangements of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, attach great importance to, strengthen confidence, tap the potential, take overall consideration, clear goals, go all out to ensure the “good start” of the economy in the first quarter.On the meeting, the district directly related units, towns (streets) respectively reported the first quarter of the main economic indicators to complete the situation and the next step.The leaders at the meeting raised questions, countermeasures and suggestions based on the current economic situation and the work in their respective fields.After listening to the report of each unit, Wei Dong stressed: to attach great importance to, fully understand the importance of achieving a “good start” in the first quarter.Implement “good start” in the first quarter, the modernization of national center of zhengzhou city, HuiJi area safe and stable and firm confidence is of great significance for the long-term development, various departments at all levels should be based on HuiJi area development overall situation, carefully study the assessment method of zhengzhou economic and social development “four hook”, sets up the high sense of responsibility and sense of honor, go all out to catch.We will strengthen our confidence and ensure a good start to the first quarter.We need to have a thorough understanding of the current situation, stick to our goals and tasks, make case-by-case analysis, and tap our potential. We need to strengthen our confidence, set clear goals, act on our own initiative, and make all-out efforts. We need to work together to achieve a “good start” and lay a solid foundation for steady economic development throughout the year.We should take overall consideration to ensure that “red” and “stable” are achieved throughout the year.Want to good to coordinate, epidemic prevention and control and economic development, while paying special attention to the epidemic prevention and control, in-depth analysis and research of economic indicators and the development of quality, the future development trend of thoughts and ideas, and continue to pay special attention to the investment promotion and capital introduction, “ten thousand people to help thousands of companies”, optimization of business environment, such as work, go all out to do a good job of the industry focus of the department, the regional disadvantage into advantage backwardness;Relevant departments should set up a joint working group to strengthen the analysis and scheduling of economic operation, and make every effort to fulfill annual economic targets by ensuring monthly, monthly and annual economic performance.Around to ensure the realization of the first quarter “off to a good start”, Ding Wenxia, deputy secretary of the District Committee and district head, arranged the key work: do a good job of data statistics.Relevant departments should give full play to the leading role of the industry, while coordinating key industries and key enterprises to stabilize production and operation, do a good job in the statistics and warehousing of investment projects, establish a quasi-” four above “unit cultivation database, to ensure that enterprise projects should be fully invested and unified.We will focus on key projects.We will focus on planning major infrastructure projects and scientific and technological innovation projects, and adopt multiple measures to solve problems and practical difficulties encountered in the development of these projects.We will do a good job in attracting investment.Make full use of the “1+5+N” industrial support policy, and strive to make a major breakthrough in the introduction of leading and headquarters projects with large investment scale, high industrial level and strong innovation ability.We will tap the potential of consumption.Formulate policies to attract well-known e-commerce enterprises to set up regional and functional headquarters in Huiji District, and actively develop “live streaming economy” and “Internet celebrity economy”.We will improve the business environment.Increase the publicity of “double lift and double benefit” 23 items to help enterprises and benefit the people, and strive to create a golden sign of “favorable service” to help enterprises.District leaders Zhao Minxiang, Li Yunyan, Li Xiaofeng, Zhan Xiaoya, Ma Dongliang, Sui Minmin, Zheng Jianming attended the meeting.(Source: Website of Huiji District People’s Government)