Rockets complete 4-player trade!Gordwood stays, wall’s social media grumbles

2022-04-27 0 By

Beijing time on February 11, officially ended the season in the NBA trade deadline, in this year’s trade deadline, the blockbuster is undoubtedly harden was traded to 76 people, believes that many fans have seen the news after wake up, really let a person feel very surprised and excited, everybody is looking forward to harden and grace than DE can produce what kind of chemical reaction.While Rockets fans may have been luckier than lakers fans, they were able to complete a four-player trade at the end of the trade deadline that allowed them to change things up a bit, the only regret being that they couldn’t trade Gordon and Wood for something better.Here’s the deal: The rockets sent Theis to the Celtics for Gerhard Schroder, Fernando and the Mosaic.The rockets made the deal for a simple reason: to clear space and get ready for summer.After all, what the Rockets really need in this deal is Schroder. Schroder’s contract expires this summer, and Theis has three more years left on his contract, so they will have more freedom to sign other, better free agents after Schroder’s contract expires this summer.After the trade, the Rockets immediately cut Mosaic, so that the roster will be more complete.Of course, if the rockets want to eat Schroder and Fernando, they will need to cut another man.According to rockets reporters, the rockets will cut Brooks and Augustin to make room for schroder and other players.But by cutting the two rotation players, the Rockets are actually opening up a spot, according to sources. The Rockets may be hoping to turn deeson Nicks’ contract into a secure one, so they’re taking the opportunity to cut two players who aren’t part of the team’s future plans as part of a rebuilding effort.The fact that Gordon and Wood are not part of the rockets’ plans is a bit of a bummer for rockets fans, as the team will have to wait until the offseason to see if they can get rid of both players.Another rockets player, Wall, did not leave the team before the trade deadline. Wall had attracted interest from the lakers, but the lakers’ asking price was too high for the rockets to continue negotiations with Pelinka and wall could not be traded.So after the trade window closed, Wall took to social media to express his desire to play, a kind of complaint about the rockets’ failure to close the deal.Either way, the rockets actually made the best choice, and the rest of the offseason.