South Korean women’s soccer coach: He once thought Australia and Japan were the strongest teams in Asia!

2022-04-27 0 By

China beat former world champions Japan in a penalty shootout in the semi-finals of the Asian Women’s Cup last night to reach the final against South Korea, which will clinch Asia’s top spot for the ninth time.Before the Asian Cup began, Bell, the coach of South Korea women’s football team, had considered Japan and Australia as the strongest teams in Asia. China women’s football team has vindicated itself.As is known to all, the Chinese women’s team since 2008, never to enter the women’s Asian cup finals, although the Chinese women’s team won eight women’s Asian cup champion, but there still think Japanese women’s football is today’s Asian women’s strongest king, because the Japanese women’s soccer team won the World Cup champion in 2011, after two consecutive women’s Asian cup champion, hadThe Australian women’s football team has won the championship once.Colin Bell, head coach of South Korea’s women’s national team, was China’s undefeated opponent when China knocked South Korea out of the women’s Olympic play-off in April last year to advance to the main tournament.Colin Bell said his goal was to break the dominance of Japan, Japan and Australia in the Asian Women’s Cup, but he said Japan and Australia, winners since 2010, were the best in Asia.Colin Bell certainly took the Korean women’s football team through all the way to the final, but what he probably did not expect was that The Chinese women’s football team knocked out the Japanese women’s football team, which he considered to be strong, to compete with the Korean women’s football team for the final championship.South Korean international Lee Min Min also said the team will win the title if they take over the Japanese team, without mentioning the Chinese team, who will now have to show them some mercy.South Korean women’s football in the women’s Asian cup group stage, has a 1-1 draw at Japan women’s, and women’s 1-0 victory Australia, showed strong competitiveness, however, the Chinese women’s team has never been afraid of south Korean women’s football, as long as pulled out against south Korean women’s football in April last year the vigor, coupled with the boss Gu Xiuquan ShuiQingXia replaced by more popular,Maybe Chinese women’s football team can really create a miracle and stand on the highest podium of Asian women’s football team for the 9th time!(Lao Chiu Super League Football review)