The Nikaru flew down and enveloped the serpent in flames, destroying kaido’s advantage

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In the 1044 sentence of One Piece, the rubber fruit is officially confirmed as the fruit of man, or the nika form of imaginary animal species.In this way, luffy has all kinds of unreasonable explanation.Luffy = Joy boi = Sun God Nika no longer suspense, sun god dragon drama formally staged.However, there is a small episode in the middle, day and snake have a small dialogue, originally fire front fang appeared, snake thought it would be a turnaround, but did not know that fire front fang finally burned him.In the final stage of the war on Ghost Island, Kaido’s previous advantage has long been lost. Luffy is able to suppress Kaido and even restrain Rebreath.But the battle will not be over soon. It will take more time to defeat Kaido.In the ten or twenty years since its name was changed, almost all pirate fans believed that Rubberberry would be superhuman, capable of bringing elements when awakened.But now the rubber fruit is not just a devil’s fruit, but a devil’s fruit with a god’s name and a sense of self.I used to think that surgical fruit was a bug, but now it seems that rubber fruit is the bug of bugs.Confirmed from the mouth of five old star, another name of rubber fruit is the animal department of human fruit magic beast species Nika form, Nika has a rubber-like body, to put it bluntly, this fruit is actually a collection of all the characteristics of the superman, animal and natural system, but the premise is to reach the awakening step.Luffy is on the verge of death this time, is the awakening opportunity.Will the snake die?The camera cuts to Orochi and Hiwa, who in word 1043 has been crushed by a boulder and is seriously wounded.In this case, Orochi has a conversation with Hiwa, referring to the events of Oda’s year.In order to survive, orochi even blames kaido for everything.The day and how can be bewitched by the big snake words, for the big snake is not the least bit of sympathy.In the eyes of Hiwa, Orochi is not worthy of being the general of the land of Peace, and mitsuki Oda’s name is not worthy of mention.With tears in his eyes, the angry Hiwa railed against the rats who stole the land of Peace.Orochi’s crimes are numerous, but hikazu doesn’t kill Orochi in the manga either.Another person to execute the snake, Kanjiro released the fire before fang appeared.Orochi wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to end Hiwa, but fire Front fang set Orochi on fire.The fire surrounded the snake and burned him.In the midst of the fire, the snake wailed and even called for Kanjiro to save him.So does the snake die like this?Maybe not. There have been so many times when we thought the snake would die, but he lived.Burning him at the stake is too cheap. He should be kept alive, locked up for decades, to witness the restoration of peace to its former life and even its founding.The worst punishment for him would be to spend decades in penitence with the stigma of history.From the moment he set foot on the ghost island, Luffy and Kaido have had numerous battles, from no chance to be able to fight for a short time, and then to coma, he has experienced too much.However, this time is not the same, this time lufei’s fruit completely awakened, the attention of the official arrival of the fifth gear.Nikaform Luffy, before seeing the person, can feel the overlord color overflowing, Kaido’s men are unconscious and foaming at the mouth.It was like the arrival of the Sun God. All the filth and evil would be burned by the sun and even disappear. Even Kaido was afraid.For luffy appearance of the arrangement, Oda willing to use ink to describe.The big hand broke through the wall and caught the dragon kaido, which was to stage the drama of the Sun god falling the dragon.Kaido’s surprised expression can be seen in every scene, which is a side-effect of Luffy’s strength.In front of Nikalufei, Kaito was no longer a dragon, but more like a loacher, tossing and turning in his hands, helpless.Luffy and Kaido swap roles at this moment, and Kaido tries the taste of being abused for once.Of course, this round of attack did substantial damage, kaido got a bump on top of his head.But Kaido can still fight back, the familiar hot breath.This works well against most people, but it doesn’t work against Luffy, who has awakened his fruiting abilities. Luffy assimilates the ground into rubber and directly bounces off the heat.The four emperors were no longer out of reach, and they could be pulled down at any moment.After bigmom, kaido is not far behind.Luffy puts the awakening power at the fifth grade, which is also the maximum fruit development at present.Sooner or later, kaido, the dragon, will be subjugated by the sun god. If the pace is faster, maybe it will be over in two or three words.That’s all for 1044, thanks for reading.