This year, the first offline matchmaking meeting for ex-military personnel in employment and entrepreneurship was held

2022-04-27 0 By

The scene of the matchmaking.Reporter Cui Yin photo yesterday, this year’s first retired military employment and entrepreneurship line accurate matchmaking meeting was held in Ningbo Guo Hua veteran station.The precision matchmaking meeting sets up a special area for online interview, which can conduct video interview for the retired soldiers who deliver their resumes online through live broadcasting, but can’t come to the scene, so as to realize online job hunting and interview “one-stop”.Yesterday, four enterprises participated in the online interview, including Xiaowalk, Shun Feng, Meiqi, and Chuanyi film and television.Among them, the top three employers interviewed applicants who first submitted their resumes online through an “immersive live broadcast” Posting campaign launched by Ningbo Veterans Affairs Bureau.In three hours, seven people participated in the online interview, and four reached an agreement with the employer.Reporters audited, almost 15 minutes to complete a round of interviews, the interview smooth and success rate has been greater than before.”Immersive” live streaming, online resume delivery, online interview…The whole chain of job hunting is opened and the whole process of recruitment is closed, which ensures that the ex-soldiers have the “need” for job hunting.Mr. Yuan, 29, is a native of Zunyi, Guizhou province. He retired in September 2019. He has worked in Shenzhen and Guiyang.This time he looked at ningbo chuan Yi film equipment rental Co., LTD. “lighting assistant” post.During the online interview, the person in charge of the company made it clear that the position of “lighting assistant” is hard to work, requires high physical strength and has certain requirements for technology, so it is also the “relatively large personnel mobility” among all positions in the company.”It’s ok to be hard, and so is my ability to learn and understand.”On the other side of the screen, Mr. Yuan is full of confidence, he said that if the job is successful, he hopes to be able to take solid roots in Ningbo.In order to deepen the cooperation between the east and the west and the mountain and sea, ningbo Veterans Affairs Bureau organized ningbo enterprises to participate in the local veterans’ special job fair in the past years.This year, through the connection with the local veterans Affairs Bureau in advance, we invited and invited ex-servicemen with job hunting intentions to “scan code” and watch the “immersive” live broadcast to promote suitable jobs.Reporter Shi Chengcheng correspondent Wu Yingzhou Liu Yong