What does ps4 Mean

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PS4 toss version is cracked PS4, can not online, can not update the game, equivalent to the stand-alone version of the game machine.1. A game console is a computer system used primarily for entertainment using television sets or other dedicated monitors and dedicated input devices, using source code available only to licensed software developers.The biggest difference with personal computers lies in the closed source code and software.2. The main controller of PlayStation 4 is DualShock 4, which connects to the host via Bluetooth 2.1+EDR. The old controller cannot be used on PlayStationR4.The DualShock TM4 adds several new features, including a compressible dual-point capacitive sensor trackpad on the front.3, expand information: cracked versions, strictly speaking, it doesn’t belong to a authorized version, because it is against such commercial version and trial version, Shared have restricted software for secondary development after the formation of the special version, that is to say, the user can under the condition of no economic pay unrestricted use of all the functions of the software.