Construction of 109 projects in Fenyi was completed

2022-04-28 0 By

Our sub-Yi News (Jiang Tuohua reporter Hu Guanghua) February 8, 109 key projects in Yixian concentrated construction and completion.It is understood that the concentrated construction of 42 projects, a total investment of more than 22.5 billion yuan, the annual planned investment of 4.78 billion yuan, projects covering hemp textile, lithium new materials, photoelectric information, ecological environmental protection, people’s livelihood, infrastructure, cultural tourism and other fields.A total of 67 projects have been completed.It is advisable to strengthen the concept of “project is king”, increase investment attraction and service project construction.Last year, the county listed provincial large and medium-sized projects with a total investment of 16.4 billion yuan, the annual planned investment of 8.06 billion yuan, completed the annual planned investment 123%.The total investment in key construction projects in 110 counties was 33.82 billion yuan, of which the planned annual investment was 11.51 billion yuan, 100.9% of the planned annual investment.The annual planned investment of 60 key projects listed in the city was 121%, exceeding the municipal plan.