Five regular shows and still in debt?Li Shangmin was accused of deliberately crying poverty

2022-04-28 0 By

Anyone who likes Korean variety shows should know lee Sang-min very well.Last year, he said he was almost out of debt and expected to be out of “bad credit” by the end of the year.Recently, however, lee sang-min said that his debts had increased by 500 million to 600 million yuan instead of being paid off.What’s going on here?According to Kim jun-ho on the show, Lee sang-min’s current debt situation has not been reduced.In response, Lee said, It is true that our debt has increased from 900 million won to 1.64 billion won, which is an increase of 740 million won, but I guarantee that this is the last amount and there will be no further increase.Lee sang-min was left with 6.9 billion won in debt due to the failure of his venture.Under the current law, He could have filed for personal bankruptcy to settle the harassment of creditors. But to keep his promise, he did not file for bankruptcy. Instead, he worked hard on variety shows to increase his income.It is lee sang-min’s spirit that contributes to his status and popularity in today’s Korean entertainment circle.Therefore, netizens gave him the nickname “Poor Shang Min”.But in 2017, Lee sang-min appeared on a talk show and said he had paid off 80-90% of his debts.In 2019, Kim yong Chol appeared on his radio show Power FM and said his wealth has grown.In response, Lee Jin-ho, a famous online video blogger and former journalist, claimed on his video channel that Lee sang-min s annual income is also 2 billion won.So the real story of the debt dispute is his own.But there are signs that Li Shangmin is not as poor as everyone thinks.For example, he likes to collect shoes.It is reported that there are currently 400 pairs of shoes in his collection cabinet.There are also limited edition high-end brands.In addition, Lee sang-min has regularly appeared in five variety shows.In addition to the well-known TV series My Little Boy and Brother I Know, he also appeared in other variety shows such as Shoeshaodan 4Men.In 2021 alone, Lee sang-min earned huge profits with shows such as Golden Time Signal, Friends, The Birth of a Millionaire, and The Game of Blood.Under such circumstances, lee sang-min’s debt increased, which surprised many people.So what do you think of Lee Sang-min crying poverty in the variety show?