Sharing the speed and passion of ice sports

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The much-anticipated 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics opened with a grand ceremony at the National Stadium, the Bird’s Nest, on The evening of Feb 4.In the next ten days, Olympic athletes from all over the world will work hard and sweat on the track, showing the Olympic spirit of “Swifter, Higher, Stronger — More United”, and presenting an incomparable feast of ice and snow to the global audience.The successful bid, preparation and holding of the Winter Olympic Games undoubtedly promoted the popularization and leapfrog development of ice and snow sports in China. The masses share the fruits of the development of ice and snow sports. Ice and snow consumption is booming day by day, and ice and snow economy is becoming an important growth pole of sports economy.In recent years, with the active promotion of ice and snow sports all over the country, ice and snow sports have become popular rapidly, and more and more people love and participate in ice and snow sports.Since Beijing won the bid for the 2015 Winter Olympic Games, 346 million people have participated in snow and ice sports, fulfilling the overall goal of “attracting 300 million people to participate in snow and ice sports” and fulfilling the solemn promise made by China when it was bidding for the Winter Olympics, according to the recently released statistical report of “Attracting 300 million people to participate in snow and ice sports”.How can ice and snow sports develop rapidly in China from a relatively small number of sports to a popular activity?According to Zou Xinxian, chief expert of the Beijing Winter Olympics Culture and Ice and Snow Sports Development Research Base, this is due to the improvement of the ice and snow policy system.In recent years, a complete policy system has been formed at the national and local levels. Guangdong, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Fujian, Tianjin, Jilin and other 26 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities have formulated and issued more than 100 policy documents specifically to promote the development of ice and snow sports.The active implementation of these policies has provided strong support for the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the development of snow and ice sports.At the same time, the ice and snow sports venues all around the masses also give more people the opportunity to “ice snow”.According to a report on the Legacy of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games released by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics, there were 654 standard skating rinks in China by the beginning of 2021, up 317% from 2015.803 indoor and outdoor ski resorts, an increase of 41% compared with 2015.Under the guidance of the strategy of “expanding south, expanding west and advancing East”, the ice and snow sports, which used to be “not leaving the mountain customs”, are breaking the limitation of space and time.Fujian province has held the winter Summer camp of “Helping To Move Fujian for the Winter Olympics” and the first Cross-strait Cup Youth Ice Hockey Challenge.Chongqing has held ice and snow sports seasons for many years to drive citizens to participate in ice and snow sports.Shanghai has cultivated its own ice and snow sports brand “Shanghai Super Cup”.Through active exploration, various mass ice and snow sports are carried out in accordance with local conditions to make the heat of ice and snow sports even hotter.Teenagers to participate in this year 14 Wang Menyi wujiashan three middle school students in wuhan city, was a fan of roller skating, in recent years, under the impetus of the ice and snow sports into the school work, she had a chance to come into contact with ice hockey, and fell in love with the full speed and confrontation of sports, as the women’s hockey team a varsity in middle school.Wang Wenyi told reporters that because of the foundation of roller skating, learning ice skating quickly started, the school hired a professional coach to teach them ice hockey skills, the level of rapid improvement, family is also very supportive.Some of my classmates are also considering a career as professional ice hockey players.Wang wenyi’s “rotating ice” is no accident.In 2019, the General Offices of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council issued the Opinions on Vigorously Developing Ice and Snow Sports by Taking the Opportunity of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, which proposed to focus on youth ice and snow sports events and campus ice and snow sports.Li Sen, director of the overall planning department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said teenagers are the foundation and future of the development of ice and snow sports.In recent years, education departments and sports departments have made joint efforts to carry out the “One Million Teenagers on Ice and Snow” and “Campus Ice and snow Plan”, incorporating the knowledge of ice and snow sports into the content of school sports teaching, and formulating and implementing the ice and snow sports teaching plan. These measures will also be implemented in primary and secondary schools after the Winter Olympic Games.By 2025, 5,000 schools featuring snow and ice sports and 100 counties and districts will be selected to promote the popularity and development of snow and ice sports on campus, according to the guideline on Accelerating the introduction of national Youth Snow and ice Sports into Schools.The appearance of snow and ice featured schools has played an important role in promoting snow and ice culture, popularizing knowledge of snow and ice sports, and helping students master snow and ice skills.Wuhan International Sports and Cultural Exchange Center is the largest ice sports arena in central China.According to Wu Zhifeng, head of the center, they offer ice-sports courses twice a week to six nearby schools through government-purchased services.Figure skating, speed skating, ice hockey and other courses are popular among students and schools;Chongqing Sunac Snow World (indoor ski resort) has signed a cooperative training program with more than 20 universities, primary and secondary schools in Chongqing. It is expected that 30,000 students will come to the ski resort to participate in skiing training for free.Snow and ice sports started late in China with a relatively weak foundation. Although the development of the Winter Olympic Games has ushered in a strategic window in recent years, how to ensure that the heat of snow and ice sports in China is not reduced and continue to promote the healthy development of the snow and ice industry?”The Beijing Winter Olympics is not only a professional sports event, but also an opportunity for people to get in touch with ice and snow sports and fall in love with them.We should further optimize the policy environment for the development of ice and snow sports, speed up the construction of venues and facilities, consolidate the foundation for the development of ice and snow sports, hold more colorful ice and snow sports activities, create conditions for people to participate in them, give play to the role of social forces, and support the development of social organizations for ice and snow sports.”Zou xinxian suggested.”The development of ice and snow sports is a long-term action, and after the Winter Olympics, there will be great progress in this field. It will get better and better.”Who said.After the Winter Olympics, China will continue to encourage the construction of ice and snow sports facilities, and encourage local governments to use parks and city squares to build some temporary ice and snow venues in accordance with local conditions, it was reported.At the same time, the existing ice and snow facilities and ice and snow venues will be upgraded to improve the service level and meet the needs of different groups of people for ice and snow sports.Meanwhile, winter sports brands such as “National Mass Snow and ice Season” and “National Mass Fun snow and ice Week” will continue.How to solve the problem of who will teach ice sports?It is understood that, at present, the regional sports departments continue to increase the training of sports social instructors.Hubei shennongjia international ski resort coach GuanJunHua is a native of shennongjia, since the childhood like skiing, looked at hometown snow sports hot up over the years, built a lot of big ski resorts, he also picked up the skiing skills, after passing the exam made public sports instructor certificate, and in the ski resorts work as a part-time coach.Guan junhua said he is now a sophomore and will return to his hometown after graduation to contribute to the economic construction of his hometown.There are 23,000 social sports instructors in Beijing and more than 20,000 in Zhangjiakou, who have played an important role in regulating and popularizing ice sports, Li said.In the future, there will be more and more of these people, which will play a greater guiding role in the popularity of ice sports.(Economic Daily reporter common sense)