The advantages and absurdity of NBA historical ranking: The realization of Guan Gong versus Qin Qiong, but easy to hide the truth

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The NBA’s historical ranking has always been the focus of fans’ attention, and every once in a while, the major sports media in the United States will come up with a new list, especially this season, as the league celebrates its 75th anniversary. However, the historical ranking is a double-edged sword, with both advantages and disadvantages obvious.▼ advantages: implements the duke guan fights qin shubao duke guan fights qin shubao created a crosstalk, Mr Hou said is liyuan line to act in an opera in the warlords, the protagonist in the play is sui end early stage name, qin shubao to warlords like is guan yu in The Three Kingdoms period, so called the actor, and put forward a can’t answer the question: whose skill big guan gong and qin shubao?Because The Times are different, the background is different, the helper around is different, the enemy is different, Guan Gong and Qin Qiong fight up who can win it is impossible to talk about, finally forced the actor forced to change the word, made a joke.The stand-up comedy is very funny and satirical. It also tells us that Guan Gong and Qin Qiong cannot be compared.In fact, technically speaking, NBA players from different eras can not be accurately compared.However, the NBA historical ranking adopts the method of quantified honor. Through numerical comparison, the stars in different eras are put into one evaluation system, which is equivalent to the realization of Guan Gong versus Qin Qiong.What are the advantages of this approach?Attracting a lot of attention, of course.Imagine how many people would be attracted to discuss a list of ancient Chinese generals and generals by quantifying their military achievements and obtaining a value of their abilities.NBA compared Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Lebron James together, which is bound to form a hot topic.Advantage two: clear at a glance, easy to promote the historical ranking has another advantage is clear at a glance, easy to promote.For example, in the Olympic Games, the gold medal tally is always the focus of attention.Competitive sports competition itself is a kind of comparison. Comparing all the stars together will make the whole picture of the whole league appear in front of the audience.Look at the NBA’s 75 Biggest Stars ceremony, when one star after another appears on the big screen or in the field, one name after another is introduced, in just 20 minutes, the NBA’s 75 years of history is promoted to everyone, the efficiency is amazing.Perhaps some fans feel that this kind of promotion is nothing new for veteran fans, but do not forget that any industry that wants to point to the attention and consumption of insiders will never be able to “eat enough”.Take the world’s most attract ability of sports event the World Cup, every time during the game, you will find that stood before a lot of false fan, these people may usually don’t watch much football, even don’t watch sports programs, but when the World Cup comes, they also have the enthusiasm of participation, and this is the success of the World Cup.Similarly, there are a large number of new fans and even fake fans in THE NBA section, but the fake fans here are not derogatory words, it is precisely this part of the group, is the NBA constantly strive for new customers, historical ranking is prepared for these fans.Such a roster of 75 years of historic superstars, ranked quickly by quantified honors, would give new fans the quickest way to learn about the NBA.Major media almost every year to organize reporters, to select a new version of the historical rankings, fans of their support of the star rankings are particularly concerned, which has accumulated heat, and the rankings of each star comparison, and will cause inevitable controversy.Of course, NBA officials and media hope to see such a situation. The role of historical ranking here is to “throw a brick to attract a diamond”. When the majority of fans spontaneously debate on the Internet through ranking, they unconsciously contribute to the spread of NBA, and the promotion of NBA goes further and further in these arguments.The historical ranking has many advantages, but it also has a disadvantage: it is easy to confuse facts and conceal the truth.Because in the long-term promotion, there are bound to be many fans will regard the historical ranking as the golden rule, who is ranked in the front, who plays better, but the fact is not the case, although the accumulation of honor and the ability of the player is largely related, but not completely equivalent.For example, in the eyes of the media, Lebron James has a higher historical status than Kobe Bryant, but in the eyes of most professional players, Kobe Bryant is more practical.In the eyes of the media, Stockton is a super point guard, but in the professional player community, almost no one thinks stockton is good.For example, kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the no. 1 center of all time in media rankings, but Shaquille O ‘Neal is the undisputed best center among professional players.Actually groups, professional players and coaches to the rival’s judgment ability is more real, but the problem is that the professional evaluation can’t form a quantifiable system, cannot accommodate different era of star all into the inside, so over time, the media this relatively simple but easy communication way of ranking, cover up the sound of the players.Then, as time goes on, it becomes less clear to new fans about how good players were in the past, and they use historical rankings to define who was good and who wasn’t.Like the two legendary centers of the 1960s, how many of you remember that Russell, the highest-ranked player in history, actually got crushed against Wilt chamberlain?