Today, spring to celebrate together

2022-04-28 0 By

Looking forward to, looking forward to, the east wind came, the footsteps of spring near.It’s the time of life, the time of flowers and bustle.The snow of winter melts on the roof, forming a slow stream, which the eaves shape into a curve.We also ushered in the 24 solar terms of the first solar term – spring start of Spring to bring the news of spring, I wish you a happy spring;Spring brings the news of flowers, I wish you flowers and riches;Spring brings the news of laughter, wish you happy happy;Spring brings my message, wish you happy collection.Today is the fourth day of the Chinese New Year and the third day of the New Year.In the New Year, give new hope, look forward to happiness.Let us sincerely wish everyone the best for the New Year and the year of the Tiger.Fireworks bright night yan day, the Great Wall dance mass.The whole country celebrates the Olympic Games, and the whole family reunites and draws the New Year.Three happy linmen gather today, not spring rush New Year.Home country feelings to celebrate, advance my China.