Baise has set up 82 fever clinics in medical institutions to standardize the management of patients with fever

2022-04-29 0 By

Reporter from today (9 February) learned that guangxi baise epidemic prevention and control of the news conference, baise assemble a large number of sampling and testing strength, the outbreak occurred in the sealing centralization, control area and prevent area organizations to carry out a wide range, high frequency of total nucleic acid detection, high density of both cases active screening.At present, Baise has built 82 standardized fever clinics in medical institutions and 128 epidemic monitoring sentinel clinics in township health centers. It has strengthened pre-examination and screening of fever clinics, standardized management of fever patients, prohibited village-level clinics and individual clinics from receiving fever patients privately, and banned the sale of cough and fever-reducing drugs in epidemic areas.In addition, it has established and improved the mechanism for reporting the discovery of fever patients and standardizing the referral mechanism. In accordance with the requirement of “early reporting”, it insists on “reporting every positive situation” and strictly prohibits concealment, omission and late reporting.Source: CCTV news client