China wins the Asian Women’s Football Cup, and big bonuses follow!The National football team was mocked again by the fans

2022-04-29 0 By

The Chinese women’s football team has been awarded a large sum of money for its good performance at the Asian Cup in 2022, according to local media reports.In response to this situation, some fans took the opportunity to make fun of the Chinese men’s football team, which shows that the Chinese men’s football team needs a good cheer.Reported by domestic media content in general as follows, prepared for a long time, China’s women’s Asian cup in India has achieved good results, the score of 3-2 reversal defeated south Korean women’s football, after many years won the championship again, this not only let Chinese women’s football players happy, happy, and also makes the domestic many aspects even send out of the big bonuses.It is understood that the Current Chinese women’s football team has received a lot of prize money, 1 million DOLLARS of tournament prize;The Chinese Football Association may award 10 million yuan, Alipay 10 million yuan for players and 3 million yuan for coaches.Mengniu gave the Chinese women’s soccer team 10 million yuan in cash.And that’s not all, there are some local departments that award individual players directly.Can be seen from the domestic media reports, the Chinese women’s football in big games success again again after all these years, many aspects are all very happy, have to send money to congratulate, although the media did not reveal more details, but there are fans and the Chinese women’s team title in poking fun at a wave of Chinese men’s soccer, this shows that Chinese football needs good refueling.Should have fans said, “let men who fools everyone out of 1 million to the women’s football players, after all, women’s football players to help them control”, “the bonus or too little of the Chinese women’s team, it is estimated that there are not enough team’s several players salary”, “assigned to the absolute main force are hundreds of thousands of, others are less, shenzhen a suite will have more than one thousand,The Chinese Football Association needs to find ways to improve the treatment of women’s football.It can be seen that the fans of Chinese men’s football players high salary, Chinese women’s football low salary opinion is very big, in fact, it is understandable.First of all, in terms of results, although the Chinese women’s football team’s performance was not good before, at least it could enter the Olympic Games, and many players could successfully establish themselves in the European football world, while the Chinese men’s football team is a low-paid and incompetent product, so it is normal for The Chinese men’s football team to be ridiculed, especially now that the Chinese women’s football team has won the gold medal.