Yellow Emperor was Chiyou’s father, chi-Huang was the son’s father in the war?Tsinghua brief record rewriting cognition

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In the long course of history, only one civilization has survived to this day, that is the Chinese civilization.Over the course of five thousand years, countless creatures have become extinct, countless creatures have formed quietly, and countless countries have risen and fallen. Only Greater China has remained standing with the passage of time, amazing and creating a miracle of the world.How do you know about restoration in the distant past?There are several ways: one is through the spread and preservation of historical records, the other is through the archaeological excavation of some material evidence, and the third is some stories handed down from people to people.From ancient times to the present, China has a lot of dynasties, its origin from the establishment of tribes began to speak.It has been said that Chiyou fought against yellow Emperor in ancient times, but some people say that yellow Emperor is Chiyou’s father, is it true?The records in The Tsinghua Brief tell the truth.The beginning of humanity as the Descendants of The Yellow Emperor, very grateful yellow Emperor, Yan Emperor, it is their emergence, just began the Chinese civilization, then the continuation of Chinese history.In the Neolithic age, the yan Emperor came into being because the leaders of the Jiang tribe knew how to use fire.The use of fire is an indispensable point in human history. Cooking food with fire is considered by experts to be an important mark that distinguishes humans from animals.Huangdi, the first five emperors, during his reign, not only widely planting grass valley, to vigorously develop production, meet the daily needs, also began to pop up making clothes, build the vessel and vehicle, with the melody, and completed the first medical books – China huangdi neijing, enabling people to understand the physiological function in the body, carries on the preliminary diagnosis and treatment.Chiyou, one of the three great ancestors of Chinese culture, was a chiefman of Jiuli tribe in ancient times.Legend chiyou noodles such as cattle head, with three heads and six arms, copper head iron forehead, good at using knives, axes and other weapons as a weapon to fight with the enemy, its ferocious, its body invulnerability, incarnation as the god of war in myth.Under the leadership of Chiyou, jiuli clan and tribe took advantage of the geographical advantages of farming, smelting copper and iron, making five armies, creating rich arts, being clear in the heart of the way of heaven and managing education.Under his rule, the tribe methodically developed and accumulated strength.This also makes Yanggu become one of the important cradles of Chinese farming civilization.Chiyou war Yellow Emperor Chiyou led the nine li tribes to the west aggression, into the Distribution of The Chinese group, this is undoubtedly a violation of the interests of the Yan Emperor, so the war between the two tribes opened the curtain.Because the human-god before more attentively in the smelting of copper iron weapon, and use a variety of means of daxing farming, so the overall level of productivity than the rate of the huaxia group, and made weapons are excellent at that time, coupled with the nature of bravery and hardiness, the advantages, the nature is invincible, daunting.Obviously, yan di’s tribe in the advantage of very small circumstances can not withstand, can only retreat.And Chiyou side is still in a large area to sweep up, the people of Yan Di tribe cannot keep place of residence, be forced to the edge quickly.Helpless, Yan Emperor use the same commonwealth mutual aid principle to send a distress signal to the yellow emperor, and then Yan Huang united, began the Zhuolu battle.In the battle of Zhuolu, many legends have been handed down, such as the yellow Emperor and Chiyou fought nine rounds also did not win, Chiyou also created a fog, so that it filled the whole three days.Trapped in the fog of the Yellow Emperor a crowd, the yellow emperor’s minister wind according to the big Dipper inspiration, unexpectedly invented the south-pointing car, which made everyone rushed out of the dense fog.There are legends because the Yellow Emperor in trouble got the help of the mysterious woman, under the guidance of the production of 80 surface skin drum, coupled with thunder beast bone as a drumstick, its sound can be described as resound through five hundred, its potential deterring the world.Yellow Emperor and Chiyou mutual battle stalemate several days, the key turning point appears in jizhou wild.In the Book of Mountains and Seas, da Huang Bei Jing, there is a creature in blue, an fir, the goddess of drought of the Yellow Emperor.Chiyou led the troops to crusade against the Yellow Emperor, the yellow Emperor ordered Ying Long to attack jizhou wild.Should long water storage, then Chiyou asked the wind boyu division called a big wind and rain.At last the rain stopped and Chiyou was killed.The trees are no longer in the trees, and it no longer rains where people live.The yellow Emperor finally won the victory, and ushered in a new problem.Although ying Long was also in the war, its magic power was greatly weakened and could not be used again for a period of time, which led to severe drought in China for several years, making people’s life more difficult.Given the age, it is really too old to know for sure whether some of the ancient accounts of the ancient world are true or valid.In 2008, Tsinghua University collected a batch of Bamboo slips from the Warring States Period.The bamboo slips belong to the middle and late Period of the Warring States Period, and its writing style is mainly from Chu. There are about 2500 pieces in the collection, which is also a large number of bamboo slips found in the Warring States period so far. It is called Qinghua Slips.Most of the classics and history books recorded on the bamboo slips are unknown, adding a thick color to the better restoration of history.The story of the Yellow Emperor is also mentioned in the Five Annals by Qinghua Jane.It turns out that in the Warring States period, Qin and Han dynasties, the story of the Yellow Emperor spread widely, and there were many literatures with the yellow Emperor as the theme.Among them, more than 120 bamboo slips are related to some accounts of the legend of the Yellow Emperor in that period, which is of high historical value.The description of the war between Chiyou and the Yellow Emperor is more detailed than that of the Classic of Mountains and Seas and the Classic of Wild North, which makes the whole content quite vivid.”Five Ji” also has an amazing historical materials, it records chiyou is the son of the Yellow Emperor.There are some other records in ancient times, such as “Road History”, “Yi Zhou Shu · Taste wheat”, “Guan Zi”, there are different opinions about Chiyou’s life.But according to “Five Ji”, was it not chiyou who fought yellow Emperor against his father?Even though Chiyou was defeated in the end, the Yellow Emperor dismembered his body and turned all parts of his body into “Five Mangs”, embracing the earth.Although some records of the Yellow Emperor in The Five Periods are of great textual research value, it is not difficult to find that the records of the Warring States period are not all the historical facts. Even the Warring States period, it is still very far from the ancient times.As the modern scholar Wang Guowei once mentioned in his book “New Evidence of Ancient History” : in ancient times, legends were mixed with historical facts, and historical facts inevitably had some predestined decoration, which was the same as legends;And there are often historical facts in legends.Therefore, I hope that in the future, I can dig out some records of ancient figures such as the Yellow Emperor in the earlier dynasties, so as to remove layers of historical veils, so that future generations can know more and more comprehensive deeds, learn the culture better, and write a greater legend.