A man pays 90 yuan for a discounted zoo ticket and the camera snaps at the dog pen: This guy’s gone too far

2022-04-30 0 By

Recently, guangxi Guigang, a let a person laugh things happened, the man spent 90 yuan to buy a zoo discount ticket, after watching the tiger directly meng circle!We can see from the video, the man who bought a 90 yuan after discount tickets for the zoo, then cheerful ready to rise up knowledge, but in the discovery after few decent animals inside the zoo, more can spirit is inside the circle a pig is a leisurely stroll, flank circle unexpectedly put a corgi, man had spirit not dozen 1 come,I think the ticket price is not worth so much money, the environment inside is also very bad, only two tigers to support the scene.They took this scene down and posted it on the Internet to cause hot discussion and onlookers.Some netizens said: Thank you for taking me to see, I will not spend money to go to see the pig, cat and dog haha and some netizens said: laughing, last year I went to guigang Zoo to see the green duck, you also unexpectedly saw the tiger is good also some netizens said: aren’t pigs and dogs animals?You just went to the poultry section. [Facepalm][Facepalm] How do you feel when you see this?