The fifth grade boy climbed to the roof to kill himself, special police little brother flashed “record” to save him

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This two days period called “boy to jump off a building swat on his record to back” of the video spread on the Internet, and video of a boy because of playing games and parents quarrel to jump off a building, special police rushed to the scene after the unveiled his own record in the game: the strongest suit 76 star, said to take the boy play together, the results give up the idea of boys jumped to his success.To this many netizens ridicule: this whole network knows your country service is the strongest, I also want to be taken to fly by the police!Orange persimsimo reporters learned that things happened in Dongyang City, the date of the incident is March 11, at 7:10 in the evening, dongyang Public Security Bureau patrol brigade command center instruction: jiangbei district a residential building on the fifth floor there is a boy to jump to death.After receiving the police, the special police members who are on duty on the road rushed to the scene immediately.Swat team climbed to the rooftop of the fifth floor, found that the boy is standing outside the rooftop railings, feet only the soles of the feet, hands holding the iron railings, the body is basically suspended, there is a danger of falling at any time!Swat officers soon learned that the boy, who was 15, had a problem with his parents over the game and had climbed the fifth floor to kill himself.The team tried to communicate with the boy first, but the boy was so emotional that he refused to communicate. As soon as rescuers approached, he let go of his hand and tried to jump. The condition was very critical.At this time, swat team Member Wu Yuanxin learned that the boy and he played the same game, so the heart of a plan to take out a mobile phone to show the boy his high stage of the player’s identity.”Is the Chinese server the best?If you want to play video games, we can take you to play.”After taking out this killer card, the boy was really interested. The two talked for nearly an hour, and Wu yuanxin gradually gained his recognition and trust.Since then the edge of other rescue team members also act on the opportunity, while the boy did not notice a quickly forward to the success of the boy saved.Wu’s quick-witted rescue was quickly praised by thousands of Internet users after it was posted online.”It’s more fulfilling than when I hit a hundred stars!”In the face of netizens praising him for playing games, Wu yuanxin said that playing games is not really good, this time to save the child is to make him proud.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: