Yanji Airport carries out unaccompanied luggage test

2022-04-30 0 By

For real ascension and Beijing Olympic security during the Spring Festival transportation security and emergency disposal ability, make sure that in case of emergency can rapid response, timely, on the basis of “yenji airport aviation security management system manual” 4.4.1 related content, February 16, subsidiary in yenji airport terminal unowned baggage security test subjects,Inspection terminal building merchant staff disposal procedures, disposal time, personnel security duties.The test officially began at 8:50 a.m., and the suspicious person (tester) entered the terminal building carrying the test box.The suspect (tester) will find an appropriate time to place the test box in a shop where there is a large flow of people according to the scheduled plan. The suspect (tester) will place the test box at 8:55 PM and then select an appropriate position to observe, to ensure that the test box will not be disturbed by passengers.8 57 points, when the shop staff found no main luggage, staff in accordance with the requirements for the emergency response plan immediately call airport public security bureau (2237110), and notify the staff to unknown object location in near isolation, evacuate the area personnel to prevent passenger and other personnel to enter the site, to ensure that no main luggage is not optional flip.At 8:59, the airport public security branch police arrived at the scene, in preparation for disposal, the test personnel showed their identity, and explained the situation to the police, the test ended.The purpose of this test is to determine whether the contractor is familiar with airport security requirements and whether the contractor can effectively train and manage the staff as required.In the test, the shop staff could report the information according to the requirements of the emergency plan after finding the unaccompanied luggage, and the security staff quickly arrived at the scene to deal with it.The test further strengthened the awareness of employees and contractors to be prepared for emergencies, effective measures, and the overall effect was in line with expectations.