Born strengh Xiaohua in 2002, she began acting at the age of 8 until the age of 19, and was admitted as the first Chinese opera

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Zhao Jinmai this name must be a lot of people are not strange, this year opened the red “beginning” a play of the heroine Li Shiqing is her role, Zhao Jinmai with excellent performance and superb acting in the play, the audience friends harvest praise, she is therefore a fire.However is such a superb acting girl, was born in 02, really did not expect, now the entertainment circle after 00 actors have been so fierce.Speaking of, Zhao Jinmai is also a small opera bone born, she began to act from the age of 8, qualifications may be higher than the current flow of many higher.Small today wheat aged eight starred in the TV series “can not live without niang” the niandi, thus opened up her acting career, “ba la la little magic fairy” series, film and television play more for her brought certain well-knownness in the peers, the daughter of the famous host li xiang Wang Shiling is watching the zhao today mai performance of “ba la la little magic fairy” and particularly fond of her.In 2016, starring Huang Lei, hoi ching, “small” series first broadcast TV series “the small separation”, then 13, zhao today mike played intelligent students with excellent grades are golden harp, jean, the role and brought a lot of publicity for her, it was not until 2019 that the stray earth, zhao today were blossoming in the corner of wheat as Korea, this is zhao m coming out today,Her first leading role in such a big movie.After the release of the film, it triggered a discussion among the audience. Due to various reasons, Han Duoduo’s scenes were cut or changed, leading to a series of actions of the character in the film, which made some viewers very dissatisfied, and even made the audience question zhao Jinmai’s acting skills.And in the same year broadcast “young PI”, Zhao Jinmai with Lin Miaomiao this role in the hearts of the audience turned over the word of mouth, we all like this lively clever, optimistic and cheerful girl, can only say that Zhao Jinmai is really strong, to easily question the voice blocked.”Young sent” later, zhao today wheat has appeared in several plays, but the result is much less than the before several, this period as zhao today wheat the university entrance exam, although zhao this perennial wheat in and cast and shooting, but she is learning the has been declining, the exam papers always carry, when they have free out and do a few, very anxious to seize all study space.In 2020, Zhao Jinmai was admitted by the performance department of the Chinese Drama in the first place. What is precious is that the first thing she did was not repeatedly hyped until the beginning of this year, after the broadcast of the fire, there are enthusiastic netizens scrape out the news.Now, the release of “The Beginning” let Zhao Jinmai really experience what is called a fire, the Internet users to her Li Shiqing almost gave a high praise, and soon, “Life of PI 2” official announced the cast, almost all the original cast, I believe that the audience friends will soon be able to see Lin Miaoli again!Are you looking forward to life of PI 2?What will Zhao jinmai’s Lin Miaomiao bring to the audience this time?This article is the author’s original, unauthorized plagiarism is strictly prohibited, offenders will investigate!