How many other women heartache for their husbands

2022-05-01 0 By

You always think it’s your husband who’s stubborn, cranky, cranky.But have you ever wondered why he got so angry? Have you ever wondered if the things you did and the things you said hurt him?No man marries for quarrels, for anger, but for happiness.You never think of his feelings, yet you expect him to be considerate of you. If you were in his place, you would know how miserable and humbled he is.Married these years, he did not sorry anyone, will this, take into account that, but wronged themselves, the first to become a outbreak, moody neuropathy.That’s right, menstrual sickness!If you understand him, love him, tolerate him, forgive him, care for him, how can he become like this?Now his personality has disappeared and his temper has been smoothed, leaving him exhausted and lonely. He has completely lost the optimistic, cheerful and passionate self he used to be.No one knows the pain in his heart, no one can understand the pain in his heart, no one understands the helplessness in his heart, tired can only go against the wall, tears on their own wipe, all only their own silent to bear.No matter how a man chooses in his life, he will never be satisfied with fate. No matter how honest he is, no matter how generous he is, no matter how hard he works, he will cry if he cannot marry a good woman.