【 I do practical things for the masses 】 Railway police station and Longhui police work together to find the missing old man’s family

2022-05-01 0 By

Recently, The Jinshiqiao police Station of Longhui County Public Security Bureau and the Xinhua South Police Station of Changsha Railway Public Security Bureau worked together to rescue a lost old man, faithfully practicing the original mission of “people’s public security for the people” with practical actions, which was praised by the masses.On February 10, 2022 at 8 a.m. and Jin Shiqiao police station auxiliary police on duty received the xinhua south railway station of changsha railway public security office the policemen He Hong telephone, said the old man got lost in the high-speed found a, a flower, because its a flower unconsciousness, just remember home near the golden shiqiao, hence contact Jin Shiqiao police station to help, a search for her family.After receiving the news, liu Tao, the police on duty, immediately organized each village and auxiliary police to use wechat and other network means, quickly carry out the work.Everything pays off, an hour later, he finally contacted her husband.Therefore, changsha railway public security Xinhua South station police station immediately arranged someone and vehicles to send he flowers to jinshi Bridge and sent to his family.After receiving people, he some flower family members to the police comrade expressed heartfelt thanks!Editor: Zeng Fangeng, Wu Xianfei review: Liao Mingchu