Karma is coming!The annual salary of Chinese soccer stars is only 700,000 yuan, which is not as good as Wang Shuang’s

2022-05-01 0 By

Since losing to Vietnam in the preliminary round of the World Cup, China’s national football team has come under huge criticism, along with the entire men’s team.The Chinese Football Association (CFA) is planning to cut men’s salaries for the third time in three years, but local media have revealed that there is no need for the cfa to force a pay cut for men’s players.As many CSL clubs are struggling to make ends meet, star players are paid at least millions a year on the surface, but in reality they are paid very little.One of China’s biggest stars, who once played as a leading player in China’s national football team, earned just over 50,000 yuan a month last year and ended up earning around 700,000 yuan a year.Such salary treatment, even compared with women’s football is inferior.Wang Shuang, a key player of The Chinese women’s soccer team, earns about 1 million yuan a year according to current salary standards, much more than the “big name” of the men’s soccer team who earns less than 700,000 yuan a year.Other major players in the women’s soccer team also earn hundreds of thousands of yuan a year.By contrast, the star, who once played in China’s national football team, has started to be treated in the same way as the women’s team.In fact, such a phenomenon is not surprising, even a year can get 700,000 yuan, for some of the Chinese football players suffering from unpaid wages, should be thankful.Men’s soccer players in The Chinese Super League, such as Qingdao, Chongqing and Hebei, were almost entirely unpaid last season, making it difficult to feed their families.Some time ago, wuhan team was exposed in unpaid salary scandal, even including national football team captain Hao Junmin, huang Zichang, Zhao Hongliliu and other famous stars, it can be seen that now the overall treatment of men’s football players, has reached what point.If the trend continues, “equal pay for equal work” will no longer be just a joke.According to the current environment, if you still want to have men’s football players expect to “make a lot of money”, can only practice hard, to go abroad as soon as possible, to Play in Europe, perhaps there is a glimmer of opportunity.In fact, the emergence of this phenomenon, can only be said to be the deterioration of China’s men’s football environment in recent years “retribution”.Men’s football has raked in so much money in the last decade that many of its so-called “big names” have become multimillionaires, long suspected.Now, the national football team has lost to Vietnam in a disappointing manner, which has completely exploded the outside world to the men’s football team’s high salary and low ability of questioning.Ultimately, it is up to the men’s football team to save the environment, if they do not live up to their own standards, it will only become what it is today.