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In traditional Chinese culture, it is customary to use the zodiac to mark the year of one’s birth. Twelve years are a cycle.This year is the year of The Tiger in 2022, let us follow the small series of cameras into the four tiger coastal police, to see their year of the Spring Festival story.Liu Jiayu is 24 years old. She has short hair, a smile full of affinity, and a gentle and cheerful girl next door. This is the first impression of liu Jiayu, a community police officer born in 1995.In 2019, Liu jiayu, who just turned 21, started his career in the Hangzhou Police Station and became a community police officer in Guiyang’s Li community.”Comrade, I want to print this household register”, “comrade, I want to change a household register”, “comrade, I want to prove”, this is she every day in the police station work to hear the most words;”Grandpa, how many people are there in my family?” and “Master, this is a brochure for preventing fraud.These jobs seem ordinary, simple, even “trivial” “chores”, “trifles”, string her daily work in the police station, and the area of the people’s touch and gratitude, irrigation of this “small police flower” growth.”I’m the youngest, I’ll go!”Annual 28, hangzhou police station temporary received epidemic prevention and control tasks, as a young gay centers, Liu Jiayu first duty, take the initiative to apply to the institute to epidemic prevention point wind brutal, even put on thick cotton-padded clothes and protective clothing, will be frozen, but she also like fellow comrades, still remain, weak shoulders, petite figure, but contain infinite strength,A solid defense line has been built for epidemic prevention and control.The Year of the Tiger is her birth year and the third Spring Festival she spent on the post. From a college graduate to a community police officer, she interpreted the regret-free youth of a policewoman in the new era with her practical actions. The three years she struggled in the police camp were three years of training, testing, gradual growth and progress.”Although I can’t get together with my family during the Spring Festival, it’s worth it to be able to guard the lights of thousands of families.”In the face of the new era to give the new mission of the public security work, new task, Liu Jiayu has been prepared, the sonorous rose proudly stand, will continue to bloom in the new era of the coastal police camp.”Due to the special nature of public security work, I can count on one hand the number of times I have been back to my hometown since I started working. It is inevitable that I will not be able to reunite with my relatives during the Spring Festival, but I do not regret it!As a people’s police officer, I know I have a great responsibility. Although I can’t go home for the Spring Festival, I can protect the family reunion. I think my efforts are very worthwhile.”This is from the police detachment of the third brigade of police Zheng Husheng, the year of the tiger was born in Inner Mongolia boy has not been home for five years.On January 24, 2020, New Year’s Eve, on this day, carrying more than 140 passengers from Hubei province, the Costa Selina cruise ship was sailing to Tianjin with 15 passengers suffering from fever.The outbreak of the epidemic is imminent…From early morning to midnight, Zheng and thousands of police officers assembled in advance managed to get 3,706 passengers on buses out of the ship’s home port to their accommodation hotels.Instead of reuniting with their families, they let these tourists feel the temperature of Tianjin.On February 11, 2021, another New Year’s eve, Zheng Husheng was on duty at work when the alarm rang suddenly and someone fell into Ji Canal!The police is the command, Zheng Husheng immediately led the team to the rescue, and finally in the joint efforts of everyone to rescue the drowning people ashore.But Zheng husheng hands were ice splinters cut, was sent to the hospital.In order not to worry his family and let them have a good year, Zheng husheng could only lie to his family and said that the unit would work overtime these days to publicize the ban on burning and setting off fireworks, and he would go home after the busy days.In this way, Zheng husheng spent the New Year’s Eve alone in the hospital room full of guilt to his family.Looking out of the window, Zheng husheng felt that his efforts were worth it.Early in the morning, Zheng husheng and his teammates drove a police car and started a day’s patrol.”On the night of January 30, heavy snow fell in Binhai New Area. It was also the Chinese New Year holiday, making it difficult for people to travel.Zheng Husheng said to xiaobian.”I felt a little sorry that I couldn’t go home again during the Spring Festival, but when my family encouraged me on the phone, I felt confident and it was meaningful to welcome the Year of the Tiger in my post of protecting the people.”Zheng husheng said, looking in the direction of his hometown.”During the Spring Festival, we will strengthen the inspection of the eastern coastline, and increase the dissuade of foreign tourists and the masses.””This morning I saw that the reserved masks in the case area and the police car were not enough, and the command room needed more masks.”As tianjin port branch Beijing road police station political commissar Li Tie, every day in the morning meeting “nagging” these words.From routine tasks to internal management, Li is meticulous.At the beginning of January this year, the epidemic of “Omicron” was raging. In the tense epidemic prevention and control work, Li Tie took the police station as his home and was on almost round-the-clock duty. Overtime had become the norm.During this period, his parents are not in good health due to their age, so the burden of the family falls on the shoulders of Li Tie’s wife, but he still sticks to his post.When the institute learned of this, it repeatedly advised him to take a rest for a few days to take care of the family, but he declined politely, saying, “Everyone has a heavy burden on their shoulders. I can’t leave. Let other comrades in difficulty take a rest, I am in the institute!”Although there is no rhetoric, But Li Tie with practical action in the anti-epidemic front line erected a bright flag.Mentioned benmingnian, li3 tie3 leng once, hard work makes him too busy to think about these, for him, but this year is to stick to, struggle for a year, “now we are still in epidemic prevention and control of special period, although this year can’t and family reunions, but guard gathering on jobs is as a duty and mission of the people’s police, as long as the crowd to be able to have safe and peaceful Spring Festival,It was worth it!””This year is the last time I will be on duty for the Spring Festival. After this year, I will be 60 years old and will retire.”For Zhaishang police station tuo Nanli community police officer Cheng Weibing, this year’s Spring Festival is destined to be unforgettable.The thought of leaving his job and the uniform he loved so much made him sad.During his 38-year career as a police officer, Cheng successively participated in more than 100 special actions, such as cracking down on trans-provincial illegal mining of fishery resources and fighting against the storm surge in 1993. He led the establishment of the Household Politics Division of the former Hansu Sub-bureau and completed the promotion of the archives of the former Hansu Sub-bureau to the municipal level archives.Years of high-intensity public security work caused him to suffer from emphysema, copd, severe pulmonary fibrosis and other serious lung diseases, as well as leg nerve palsy caused by lumbar lesions. He once vomited blood at his post twice, but he still stuck to his post.In order to fight against the epidemic of “Omicron”, the city organized the “big sieve”, the young comrades in the institute in order to take care of the old cheng’s body, and did not arrange him to big sieve site duty, but the old Cheng said “TUO South community I am familiar with, I must go to the scene”.In this way, the old Cheng stood for eight hours. The residents were familiar with the old Cheng and listened to the arrangement of the old Cheng, so the site was in perfect order.Encounter manpower shortage, old Cheng will replace the street personnel to register, help carry materials, while residents queue, he also incarnated “anti-fraud propagandist” to the waiting crowd to carry out prevention of telecom fraud propaganda.”I will do my job conscientiously until I stand my last shift,” Cheng said.Back to his police road, although there is no earth-shaking great deeds, but meticulous selfless dedication, he is very ordinary, but with a cavity zealously protect a party peace.During the Spring Festival, there are many old comrades like Cheng who are nearing retirement but still stick to their posts. They all cherish this last Spring Festival duty. They are silently dedicated to their respective posts and want to draw a satisfactory end to their upcoming public security career.Years quiet good, because have you guard, no matter 24 years old, 36 years old, 48 years old, 60 years old, although have different from the police experience, but have the same belief and belief, that is, “people public security for the people”, heart, defend justice, protect a party peace.At the moment of bidding farewell to the old year and ushering in the new, the coastal public security police always stick to their posts.On the occasion of the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger, all the auxiliary police of Binhai New Area Public Security Bureau wish you a happy New Year and a happy family!Article source: Ping an Tianjin Binhai