Lantern Festival festival activities in Shanxi are colorful

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Taiyuan Radio and TELEVISION station hung red lanterns to celebrate the Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival taste thick.Lantern Festival is coming, shanxi everywhere decorated, beaming, all kinds of wonderful activities bloom everywhere.A series of rich cultural meals, a series of encouraging spiritual food, a healthy and civilized way of celebrating, vigorously promote the traditional festival culture, create a strong festive atmosphere.Taiyuan taiyuan ancient town “splendid Taiyuan Chinese Year · Phoenix Dance Dragon City Lantern Fair” is in hot progress.During the Lantern Festival, tourists can enjoy lanterns, eat glutinous rice balls and watch folk performances such as lion dancing, land boating and yangko dance in the ancient town of Taiyuan.On the day of the Lantern Festival, the activity of guessing lantern riddles will be held in taiyuan, the ancient town of Taiyuan. Tourists can participate in guessing lantern riddles and win a good gift.Taiyuan Fangte Oriental God Painting Theme Park continues its “white + night” fun mode, and special drones will set sail again to light up the night sky during the Spring Festival.Tamtiehua project will also appear again, “starlight” flying all over the sky, beautiful shock detonated all, let tourists feel the thick festival atmosphere in the colorful park.In Datong Datong Panjiayuan, various wonderful folk performances such as gongs and drums, Yangko dance and lion dance were staged in turn, which attracted many citizens to stop and watch. Cheers, cheers and applause broke out one after another, creating a thick festive atmosphere.As a Chinese saying goes, “The snow makes the Lantern Festival a good year”. A heavy snow makes the Lantern Festival in Shuozhou full of atmosphere. Snow, the full moon, red lanterns and children’s laughter form a warm, festive and unforgettable Lantern Festival picture on a snowy night.Xinzhou xinzhou city during the Lantern Festival, the ancient city of jan section, interactive immersive deduce, joy yuanxiao lantern show, “Xin” spring outing tour, walls, the ancient city of the temple fair, county special purchases, and many other touring section, brings together the opera, shadow play, walking on stilts, wrestling, folk performances, circus, pulley, such as rich and colorful cultural elements, will continue to give citizens and tourists of different cultural feast,Let them truly feel the “Chinese year in Xinzhou”.Jinzhong Pingyao ancient city will be held in the fifteenth day of the first month, in the main streets and squares hanging lanterns, take color floor, take color platform, loaded with floats, various performances and street performances, mainly carrying sticks, back sticks, pout sticks, land boat, stilts, dragon, lion dance, etc..Fenyang Jiajiazhuang Spring Dinosaur Lantern Festival is a popular place for tourists to punch in during the Spring Festival.Dinosaur Lantern Festival with Chinese traditional cultural elements as the creative core, is divided into spring welcome lucky area, folk customs area, water lantern group area, Jurassic World, fantasy Avatar, star system theme area, children’s animation area, Silk Road area and other areas.Changzhi changzhi revitalization of the small town in the Advent of the Lantern Festival, surging up a folk wind, 100 meters long dragon, back rod iron rod, heroine, the party eight music meeting, the party opera, lion performance, flying wheel, chang ‘e moon and other unique folk performances take turns to play, accompany changzhi citizens jubilantly over the Lantern Festival.Linfen Hongdong Da Locust Tree scenic spot folk Chinese Year series activities will also continue until the Lantern Festival.Visitors can feel the national tide in hongdong big locust tree scenic spot, taste folk taste, enjoy the gorgeous lights.There are 10 light booths and 1 theme lamp in the exhibition. Nearly 3,000 lanterns on display are handmade by the city’s folk craftsmen, lantern lovers, employees and their families.Yuncheng Yuncheng Culture and Tourism Bureau carefully created the theme of “Yuncheng New Year’s Good Luck” series of cultural travel activities will enter the Lantern Festival mode.Streets, alleys, parks and squares, all kinds of colorful lights, red lanterns, large colored lamp sculptures shine brightly, adding a thick Flavor to the whole Yuncheng.Yangquan Yangquan yuxian held the 2022 Spring Painting and calligraphy exhibition, the painting and calligraphy exhibition brings together 130 works from yuxian painting and calligraphy lovers, so that the public can enjoy the ingenuity and artistic style of painting and calligraphy lovers in the calligraphy and painting fragrance.