Science and Technology Winter Olympics | freestyle skiing and nutrition

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The women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing qualification was held at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 17.China has a total of gu Ailing, Li Fanghui, Zhang Kexin, Wu Meng four players to participate in today’s qualifying round, Gu Ailing, Zhang Kexin and Li Fanghui hand in hand to advance to the final.Freestyle skiing began in the 1960s, developed on the basis of alpine skiing.The first official freestyle skiing event was held in New Hampshire in 1971, and was officially included in the Olympic Winter Games in 1992.Unlike alpine skiing, where speed is a competition, freestyle skiing is characterized by magnificent aerial skills, such as back flips and twists.At the Beijing Winter Olympics, freestyle skiing includes moguls, aerials, halfpipe, slopestyle, slopestyle and big jump.Han Xiaopeng won the men’s freestyle aerials gold medal at the Turin Winter Olympics in 2006 with two perfect movements, beating the rest of the world by 250.77 points.Since the gold medal breakthrough in 2006, freestyle skiing has become a key research direction in the development of China’s moguls Winter Olympics.Although the development history of the project is relatively short, but has a high popularity in the world, but also make our people have more interest in skiing.So how to eat scientifically in freestyle skiing?Food foundation, free wings in the air & GT;>Increase energy intake Freestyle skiing training environment cold, body heat consumption, athletes’ performance will be affected, therefore, in the exercise should pay attention to replenish energy.A moderate amount of snacks, such as energy bars, can replenish the energy needed throughout the training process.>>Attach importance to the supplement of calcium Aerialskills athletes landing movement of bone impact resistance has higher requirements, so athletes should moderately increase the content of calcium in the diet.Athletes can add some calcium-rich food, such as milk, calcium – containing nutrients, etc.>>Prevention of vitamin deficiency Freestyle skiing events are mostly held in winter, when vegetables and fruits are in short supply, athletes’ vitamin intake is insufficient, which may lead to the decline of immune function. Therefore, supplements containing various vitamins should be timely supplemented.(Beijing Nutrition Source Research Institute Co., LTD.)