Update on decoding of the first black box

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At present, one of the black boxes of the China Eastern airlines crashed passenger plane has been found, and another is being searched in full strength.Decoding the black box (flight data recorder) is an important part of the investigation into the cause of the crash.What are the requirements for logger data download?How long will it take for the data to be read and analyzed?When will you be able to repair and produce relevant analysis data?On March 25, MAO Yanfeng, director of the Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Center, answered the questions at a press conference after the black box was found.Rescuers work at the site of the accident in Beijing, Capital of China, March 25, 2019.Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Hua 1 Recorder data download need to have what conditions?The recorder is mainly composed of data storage units, circuit boards and underwater positioning beacons, MAO said.The data is recorded in a memory chip within the data storage unit, and the vast majority of the recorder’s data storage unit consists of a solid-state memory chip.The recorder requires a power supply and the use of dedicated download equipment and software to download data.Loggers from different manufacturers have different accessories such as download devices and data cables.Soldiers of the Guangxi Armed Police Force retrieve one of the two black boxes from the crash site of China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735 in Wuzhou county, South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, March 23, 2019.What are the steps for initial reading and analysis of recorder data?’There are usually three situations when the recorder data is downloaded: the recorder is not damaged at all,’ Mr. MAO said.The recorder is damaged, but the state of the data storage unit is intact;Third, the recorder memory chip is damaged.Different situations have different ways of dealing with them.For the recorder that is not damaged at all, it is necessary to connect the recorder body with special downloading equipment and power supply, and then power the recorder after confirming the connection again.After powering on, special downloading equipment is used to download data, and special decoding software is used to analyze the downloaded data successfully.If the recorder is damaged, whether the appearance or the circuit board of the recorder is damaged, but the data storage unit is in good condition, then the data download needs to remove the data storage unit from the damaged recorder, clean and check, remove the memory chip, check the memory chip.If the appearance of the memory chip is intact, install the memory chip into another intact recorder of the same model, and then follow the normal steps of recording data download.If the recorder memory chip is found to be damaged, it is usually returned to the recorder manufacturer for chip repair as recommended by the recorder manufacturer.3. When can the relevant analysis data be repaired and obtained?Mr MAO said the cockpit voice recorder, which was found at the scene of the accident, had been badly damaged.The time required for logger data to download is difficult to determine and depends on the state of the logger.Since the professional laboratory of the Civil Aviation Administration received the recorder, it has been carrying out the repair and data download work nervously. When it can complete the download and carry out the data analysis work, it has not been able to give a definite time.(Xinhua)