Why do people beat cows on the start of Spring?

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The start of Spring, the first solar term of the year, begins at 4:51 PM Beijing time on Feb 4.This season, the spring breeze warm, warm sunshine, the earth wake up, full of vitality.Start of spring a year end, farming early plan.The beginning of Spring is the beginning of a year of farming activities, ancient folk customs also handed down the tradition of “beating the spring ox”.Since the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States Period, cattle began to be used for farming and became the most important partner of farmers.Poets also left a lot of “ode to cattle” famous sentences — “thousands of acres of ploughing real thousands of boxes, exhausted who injured”, “cattle for years not worry, but afraid of losing rent to sell my cattle”.Whip Chunniu, also known as Whip Tuniu, sang Spring songs, popular in the Tang and Song dynasties.After renzong of Song dynasty promulgated the Classics of Oxen, the folk custom of spring cattle was spread and became an important folk cultural activity.Spring ploughing cattle, usually one or two oxen to pull the plow, that is, people often say “two oxen lifting the bar”.Whip Spring Ox is one of the activities of the beginning of Spring, and it is also a symbol of the beginning of spring ploughing. At first, the whip Spring Ox was made of real ox, and later changed to native ox. In the late Qing Dynasty, it was changed to paper ox, with bamboo as the skeleton and paper pasted on the outside.People will fill the belly of the “spring ox” with grain. When the belly is broken, people will share the grain to symbolize a good harvest in the coming year.Tianjin’s Yangliuqing New Year paintings are the essence of farming civilization. As a classic work of Yang Liuqing, “Spring Ox Picture” expresses this good wish.Today the beginning of spring, all good;Although the east wind to, after all, cold light, we close this auspicious picture of spring cattle, but also to “cover the spring”, take care of your health.Source: China Media Group Tianjin Station