“Year in Enyang, good looking, good playing, delicious” intangible cultural heritage, cultural creation, food products, awaken the taste of home

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During the Spring Festival, the streets and alleys are decorated with lights and colors, filled with the joy of family reunion. “New Year” in Enyang, a dazzling array of intangible cultural heritage, cultural creations, and food will make you experience a different Spring Festival.In the ancient town, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of primitive simplicity and nature, but also taste the unique food of the ancient town.From morning to night, Biangbiang noodles, meat steamed bun, sugar sesame cake, brown sugar glutinous rice cake, barbecue, string, hot pot…Everything.New Year, taste the delicious world, all the troubles with delicious dissipation, lips and teeth are left between the sweet taste of happiness.In the Palace of Longevity, the theater stage curtain opened, making tea and listening to the opera, and then humming a few words with the fans, the play in and out of the play are enyang township sound wreathed.Listen to the brilliant notes in the non-genetic inheritance, taste the origin in the pot of tea spread.Colorful lights will enyang dress up the gorgeous scene, the boat slowly sailing on the water, the night enyang dressed in gorgeous festival costumes, is welcoming every tourist.Dengke Park carries forward traditional Chinese classics and inherits excellent culture.The classics of Sinology are the treasure of Chinese culture, the essence of culture full of vitality, the pride and love in the bones of the Chinese nation, and they have condensed the thoughts and feelings of people for thousands of years.”Jinbang Title” performance show, “Wuzi Examination” painting and calligraphy exhibition hall, climbing high buildings praying activities, music fountain, together with the ancient gods and get to know each other, clean and fill their soul.Walk through the neighborhood of Micang Old Taste Restaurant, which is full of fireworks and human touch, and the aroma of different food still remains in the memory and teeth.The mouth of that mouth, may be bustling to the network red chain stores, may be the home downstairs looks humble small restaurant, may be the corner stall “no shoe to find”, unchanged, probably is the love of food and never absent satisfaction.Human fireworks, the most touching people.Dragon Boat Sports Park “Thunk!Dong!Dong!”With the sound of drums coming out, several meters long dragon boats full of athletes speed forward in the dragon boat park.Athletes strive to wield OARS, chopping waves let the public shout, in the dragon boat sports park scenery on both sides of the passion of the dragon boat show, for the public to bring fantasy and exciting visual feast let the dragon boat sports park instantly lit up!