2 days 80 million RMB CCB loan to support the construction of Makeshift hospital in Changchun

2022-05-03 0 By

On March 15, The Jilin Branch of China Construction Bank successfully issued a loan of 80 million yuan to support the construction of makeshift hospital in Changchun.It is understood that after the bank’s credit support for the construction of Tonghua Makeshift Hospital in early 2021, it has once again supported the epidemic prevention infrastructure construction in Jilin Province with high-quality, efficient and accurate financial services.Construction bank in to some large construction enterprise in the province of jilin province branch for participation in changchun city square construction of hospital, there is a temporary shortage of funds after emergency needs, attaches great importance to, fast response, in accordance with the “center, urgent urgent, full support,” the principle of assemble branches capable force to carry out the financing docking, quick start the green channel of credit business,Provincial branches and sub-branches worked overtime and efficiently, completing the whole process of loan business acceptance, loan application, credit approval and loan release within two days, and implementing the requirements of financial security against COVID-19 with practical actions, fully demonstrating the responsibility of large state-owned banks.