Good players can come back at any time

2022-05-03 0 By

T1 and GEN, as the favorites to win the LCK spring championship, were originally the most attention focused battle between the two teams.However, GEN lost to T1 due to the COVID-19, with Doran, Peanut, and Lehend not playing and Chovy temporarily playing.With the main lineup back, GEN swept LSB 2-0 to win the game.In the post-match interview, Ruler said: “It’s been a while, but everyone is back in good shape.It was special because it was my first experience, but it was fun.In the speech of the match, Ruler had called for five kills.As explained to Ruler, I saw the five kills like sausages one after another at that time, SO I judged that I could kill five, so I shouted to kill five.In addition, as Uzi’s old rival, Ruler was also asked in the interview how she thinks about Uzi’s comeback.I watched his match and I always think a good player can come back at any time. I’m curious to see if he can do better.There is a big difference between singles and training events, so it is important to get back into professional form.If he’s out for a long time, he’s going to have to get fit again, but I think Uzi is going to come back and it’s not surprising.In the game against IG, BLG chose to play Uzi in the second inning after losing a point in the opening game.BLG narrowly won the second game, but Uzi struggled to find output opportunities in the group battle against IG’s strong lineup in the third game.Combined with the poor performance of Breath brother and Weiwei, BLG still lost the game.Uzi was expected to continue to start, but in the game against AL, he still played Doggo, which caused some netizens and fans to complain.But there are still a few fights to come. Will Uzi be able to play again?After all, there are a lot of people waiting for Uzi’s performance.#2022LPL Spring tournament #