Institutions: high dividend strategy dominates hang Seng high dividend ETF (513690) continued to float red after the holiday

2022-05-03 0 By

The second trading day after the festival, Hong Kong stock market shock callback, hang Seng high dividend index against the trend floating red, constituent stocks, Master Kong Holdings leading, intraday up 4.83%.Financial stocks rose, energy stocks, real estate stocks fell differentiation.Shenwan Hongyuan believes that the high dividend strategy investment value of Hong Kong stocks is higher, the performance of resisting risks in the downward stage of the market is more prominent, the constituent stocks are concentrated in energy, real estate, finance and other industries, the weight distribution is even, and the current value style is dominant, good high dividend strategy.Hang Seng high dividend ETF(513690) — a key allocation of Hong Kong stocks high dividend stocks of the excellent tool, today opened within an hour, the transaction broke tens of millions, overflow discount rate as high as 0.65%, after the festival continued to float red, favored by major institutions.