Meituan ranked first in the assessment results of guangzhou bike-sharing enterprises in the fourth quarter of last year

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Recently, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Transport announced the service quality assessment results and operation quota adjustment of Internet bicycle rental enterprises in Guangzhou in the fourth quarter of 2021.Meituan, Qingju and Hallo ranked the top three with 88.2 points, 87.1 points and 81.0 points respectively.According to the assessment and the dynamic operation quota adjustment rules jointly determined by the Municipal Bureau of Transport and the above three enterprises, Meituan, Qingju and Halo adjusted their operation quota to 165,600, 134,600 and 99,600 vehicles respectively in the six districts of downtown Guangzhou.The reporter learned from the Municipal Transport Bureau that the assessment was conducted by the municipal transport, urban management, public security and traffic police departments, as well as the six central districts (Yuexiu district, Liwan District, Haizhu District, Baiyun District, Tianhe District, Huangpu District) of the regional and street level government management departments, a total of 134 units participated in the assessment score.The full score of the assessment is 100 points in terms of operation services, enterprise management, order management, information sharing, administrative penalties and additional rewards and punishments.From the assessment results, in terms of scoring rate, the scoring rate of 15 indicators is not less than 80%;However, the score rate of “enterprise cooperation and competition, and the management of prohibited parking areas in strict administrative areas” was low.The relevant person in charge of the city Transportation Bureau said that from the assessment of this quarter, the top three enterprises in the field of order management score is generally higher, which is also consistent with the current public, media public opinion reflects the continuous improvement of industry management effect.But there are still inherent nature, regional area of parking supply and demand imbalances, embodied in some big demand and tidal phenomenon significant point in the morning and evening rush hour bike deposition and disorderly parking phenomenon is more prominent, and often exist around the point of motor vehicle traffic congestion, enterprise scheduling van is difficult to keep up with timely and effectively.Therefore, how to effectively strengthen the order management and scheduling clearance of this type of point is still a prominent problem that enterprises need to solve.City transport department, says the next will be in conjunction with urban management, public security traffic police and other city departments rolling development enterprise quarterly service inspection work, at the same time, the comprehensive combing enterprise quarterly assessment on the basis of practical experience in recent years, combined with the ongoing new round center six area Internet rental bike operation quota on the job, constantly improve corporate quarterly assessment index system,More effectively give play to the guiding role of the quarterly assessment mechanism on the on-site management of enterprises, guide the healthy and orderly development of the industry, and better serve the public travel.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: