Reinvent the experience of camping outdoors in pursuit of freedom

2022-05-03 0 By

Maison Kitsune spring/Summer 2022 takes the stage from the urban centers of Paris and Tokyo to the vast outdoor world, a familiar yet fresh excursion where men and women express contemporary and non-sexist clothing, breaking down prejudice and daring to be themselves.”More attention to silhouette, quality fabrics and unexpected design details, with an emphasis on approachable art of living.”In addition, the natural wooden scene provides a wider design vision, incorporating more practical, street and sporty elements into the casual elegance, and leading to a gradual exploration of sexism through the micro-silhouette of the coat and the sense of layering.Clothing is linked to music, coffee and the art of living in community. Integrating the brand’s diverse subcultures, Maison Kitsune 2022 reimagins the free-spirited outdoor camping experience with a new urban mindset.