Let the world feel the Chinese temperature of “Double Olympic Youth”

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I am a young volunteer of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.On January 4, General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected the preparations for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics and said in a cordial exchange with operation management, service support personnel and volunteers:”To be able to attend the Beijing Olympics, the winter paralympic games volunteer service work, is a rare chance in the life, hoped everybody cheer up, going all out, unity cooperation, make joint efforts to ensure that services during the games security work well, where countries participating personnel to fully feel the hospitality of the Chinese people and civilization and manners, feel the warm like spring.”We will live up to our great trust and fulfill our mission. We will do a good job in our volunteer work with the most enthusiasm, the most earnest attitude and the most professional quality, and show the spirit of Chinese youth in the new era to the world.Volunteer service is an important guarantee for the success of the Olympic Games. Volunteers are the beautiful name card of the host city of the Olympic Games.Fourteen years after fireworks lit up China’s century-old Olympic dream in 2008, The 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, which is poised to become the only city in the world to host both summer and Winter Olympics.We will also be honored to represent China’s “post-90s”, “post-95s” and “post-00s” as the first group of “Double Olympic Youth” in the world.From “Beijing welcomes you” to “Together for the future”, the Olympics witnessed China’s higher-quality development and the more confident growth of the “Double Olympic Youth”.As an important symbol of social civilization and progress, today’s Chinese youth are not only participants in voluntary service, but also practitioners of the spirit of volunteerism.We will stick to the volunteer service positions in each competition area and provide high-quality guarantee services for athletes and coaches from all countries.The successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics will not only strengthen our confidence in realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, but also help present the positive image of our country and nation as a sunny, prosperous and open country and help people around the world better understand and know China.The Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics are facing new challenges such as COVID-19, which have put higher demands on volunteer work.In order to improve our volunteer service capacity, we have worked hard to sharpen our skills in the all-round, whole-process and whole-scene professional training, focusing on epidemic prevention and control and helping the disabled with the attitude of “striving for perfection, never lose a chance”.At present, preparations have been made for the Games. It is a “highlight moment” for the Chinese youth of our generation to strive for in the grand new era to ensure the services for the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.It is a great honor and a bounden duty to be a representative of China’s youth and to tell the world about an ancient and modern Beijing and a vibrant China with a long history at the front line of the Winter Olympics.”Burning snowflakes, brave start…”Song of Beijing Olympic volunteers, “burning snow” inspire us, become pieces of a burning light snow flower, with a smile and offer interpretations of the Olympic spirit and the volunteer spirit, with practical action to write the song of “double the youth” struggle, for simplicity, safety, excellent “Olympic Games contribute youth power” into the future together “,We will make new contributions to the lofty cause of peace and development of mankind.(Yang Ziqiang, Renmin University of China;Source: Qiushi.com, No. 3, 2022)