“New Year’s Eve a motionless, two not, three do not say”, you know what is specific?What’s the point?

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Today is New Year’s eve, New Year’s eve in our traditional festival, is the tomb-sweeping day, and a half in July, the double ninth festival of ancestor worship festival, at the end of the last day was called “New Year’s eve, New Year’s eve night is New Year’s eve, in this new shou sui night, we are all family and ancestors with my family together to celebrate the day of firecrackers sound of that a moment, say goodbye to the old time,To usher in the full spring time, we often say “one motionless, two not, three do not say”, do you know what it means?An unmoved place is home, as long as the family together is home, in everyone reunion on this day, is to worship their ancestors together.The twelfth lunar Month is the day of sacrifice to ancestors and heaven and earth, originally in the year 30, many places in the 29th month of the twelfth lunar Month, will go to the grave to meet the ancestors, and then in the New Year’s Eve dinner, the ceremony of sacrifice to ancestors, the night of New Year’s Eve, to the ancestors after the tribute family together.This immobility is not able to move the offerings on the ancestor’s table. In ancient times, sacrifice to ancestors is to pray for ancestors and gods of heaven and earth, and bless their family to be able to have ample food and clothing in the coming year.There is usually a fish on the ancestor’s offering table, which indicates that there will be yuqing in the New Year. If it moves, though the ancestor will not blame you, it will not feel good in his heart. After all, who does not want to have more than one year after year?None in family and shou sui, celebrate the reunion of the day, the first is to can’t close sound, the sound is firecracker sound except out and greet the New Year’s signal and is one of the forms of everybody happy reunion, now for the requirements of environmental protection, we said goodbye to the temporary paper firecrackers, but the electronic gun you still put a good,Just like the gong that opened the market when the company was listed, the crackling sound of firecrackers is also a ceremonial sense of welcoming spring.The second can’t shut the lantern is thriving, many places on the night of New Year’s eve shou sui, a family at the table and sit, talk about the past one year, the goodness of imagining the future, all this, are all around the age of reunion in the fire, with the Lantern Festival, the late if not decorating their New Year, new age, you are not looking for the future, also can look forward to the future hope for you?Three don’t say “record of terroir” inside said “New Year’s Eve we each phase and gift, called” feed old “;Long and young gather huan, complete, called “points”;The whole year does not sleep, waiting for the dawn, said “shousui”., is the New Year’s Eve night, we should celebrate the New Year between each other, the first thing we don’t say is bad luck, this night, we are staying up to celebrate the New Year, you said bad luck on this day, you don’t want to be happy and healthy in the New Year?At the time of the blessing, say more blessed words, the mood will be much better.The second can’t say that disrespect, this is the day itself is to worship our ancestors and heaven and earth, prayed to the ancestors bless moment, should be respect by, you said disrespect, is difficult for yourself, after all, the speaker has no intention, the listener intentional, the lifetime of the time, will inevitably encounter walls have ears, one is those who do not respect to their ancestors, will have much respect for others.The third can not say is abusive words, the Spring Festival, is everyone for the future have a good look forward to the day, you celebrate the New Year in this festival, swear, the mood will be bad, bad mood for a long time really will make yourself vulnerable to disease, who don’t want to their family health, happiness more than ah!Holidays, approachable, have a good holiday, let yourself do a person in awe of happiness!Conclusion Years always pass quickly, time is always flying forward, everyone wants to be with their families, to be safe, happy, healthy and happy, in this reunion moment, and their families together, to meet the arrival of a beautiful moment, round to meet the joy of the New Year, let the happy bullets fly slowly.