Spend Chinese New Year in Anren!Feel the human fireworks and millennium accumulation in the flavor of the New Year

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Benevolence benevolence.Dayi County is the location of the Great Xiling Snow Mountain, a world natural heritage site, and also a waterfront area where seven rivers flow together.Dayi Anren Town, from the ancient Anren county government built in the third year of the Tang Dynasty to the Town of China Museum, has the largest well-preserved Chinese and Western museum complex 27, 48 modern museum venues, 16 cultural preservation units, more than 10 million items of cultural relics, 3,655 national first-class cultural relics.The historical precipitation of more than 1380 years has endowed Anren with the thick flavor of Chinese New Year. In the argument that “The flavor of Chinese New Year is generally diluted”, Anren once again arouses the deepest feeling of Chinese New Year with human fireworks and ancient Chinese fashion.Some people say that the taste of the New Year is a child hands never put over firecrackers, crackling fried the New Year.Some people say that the Flavor of The New Year is the smoke floating out of sausage and bacon, and there are authentic farm flavor inside.Some people say that the flavor of the New Year is lanterns, red envelopes, a new dress, a reunion dinner that I have thought about for a year…Several times, “New Year flavor” this word more and more frequently appeared in the New Year, “firecrackers in New Year’s Eve” feelings with The Times fade, “wear new clothes wear new hat” simple happiness is also gradually difficult to find, as if the New Year thirty lost fireworks gas, into the memories of cooking smoke and mist.How to find the most right feeling of the Spring Festival in childhood in the short rest?In the year of the Tiger 2022, Anren Ancient Town provides the answer!From the mansion on the north bank to the drama, games and activity performances derived from the mansion, from the small village on the south bank to the beautiful village on the south bank, wonderland garden, b&B resort……Anren prepared full of “New Year’s goods”, waiting for everyone to slowly taste.Folk parades, pingshu performances…During the seven days of the Spring Festival, Anren will hold different programs at the Mansion Old Street, Hua Mansion and Anren Theater.”Anren today” parade, national tide lion ancient town tide dance, plum blossom pile performance, daomadan opera dance, etc., wonderful!”Awaken the time and years here with the interpretation of traditional folk customs, and experience the thick flavor of the New Year under traditional culture.”This is anren’s answer paper with a history of more than 1380 years.Affordable life, buying goods is also an indispensable part of the taste of the New Year.During the Spring Festival, major featured shops will also provide shopping concessions – business concessions + cash coupon distribution, wool pulling!Not only that, Anren Moore supermarket will also hold the first Moore Annual Shopping festival.Famous wine and tea, fresh fruits and vegetables, preserved meat products, characteristic agricultural products, leisure snacks, grain and oil condiments, dry fried groceries, characteristic candies, a total of 15 categories, about more than 60 brands, nearly 6,000 items to participate in the Year of the Tiger to celebrate the New Year’s goods festival.Let you immersed in the happiness of “buy buy buy”!Blooming thousand years of precipitation in China will have Chinese taste.Welcome red cheer, Pear Flower song opera dance, happy parade, dragon and lion dance show, National tide band high stage…This Spring Festival, Anren “Internet celebrity” — Wonderland Garden has been ready to “fire out of the circle”, flower appreciation, scenery appreciation and exclusive activities, Wonderland Garden Will be amazing New Year joy.After visiting wonderland Garden, you can’t miss the homestay groups in south Coast Beauty Village — Hiti Alanruo, Xiangye Ersheng, Yonggui Chuan, Xiaoyin, etc. These homestay groups have their own characteristics, and you can enjoy accommodation and food.To Anren, how can the lack of today’s Anren?The romance of the play once met the beauty of a snow haunting people.This time, Anren will dream the surprise scene set in Hua mansion, for you the next snow!Anren, Sichuan, how can there be no sichuan changhua face, with the changes of a piece of facial makeup, joy is also continuing to load bit by bit.”Pear blossom, spring with rain;Pear flowers fall, spring into the mud…”The classic Ode to Pear Flowers will also be played here, and traditional Chinese Musical Instruments such as guzheng, pipa and erhu will be played one by one, making you feel the unique charm of China.Tea culture is also an indispensable part of The Chinese New Year flavor. The tea performance is gentle and elegant, carrying the long tea culture.Enjoy a cup of new spring tea, the breath of the New Year is also in the elegant tea fragrance.Writing “fu” is a Chinese tradition with a special flavor of the New Year.Anren has prepared red paper and ink for you to write the year of the Tiger with your own hands.Traditional Chinese games such as throwing a pot and guessing lantern riddles will also be presented one by one. I can’t help but sigh that thousands of years of history have endowed Anren Danian with too much joy and feelings.To make this land of serdang snow mountain is located in real life, in the recent climate regimen from chengdu destination, oct · AnRen, culture as the soul, tourism as a body, commercial, artisan built town of all ages living communities, in combination with AnRen unique humanities environment, the door of the construction with great artisan, creative culture, south beauty village, AnRen gathered many recreational facilities.Improve the living comfort in an all-round way, only to create a poetic elegant town yearning for life.During the Spring Festival, Anrenli also prepared many special activities, such as tea tasting in the mansion, beautiful snow scenery and fun adventure.Come here not only to experience the town’s unique New Year life, there are more surprise gifts waiting for you.This New Year, come to Anren town, happy New Year!Editor: Sun Jixiao