The Bucks lost by 36, and the Lakers got worse!Giannis antetokounmpo had 29 points for the Nuggets, who have won five straight to reach the top four

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Beijing time on January 31, the NBA regular season continues, the Bucks host against the Nuggets.The Bucks were 31-20 and fifth in the Eastern Conference, while the Nuggets were 27-21 and sixth in the West.Denver has been on a hot streak lately, edging closer to no. 4 Utah with the Mavericks.The Nuggets led through the first half, outscored the Bucks by 14 points in the third quarter and pushed their lead to more than 20 in the fourth.The bucks’ 136-100 home loss to the Nuggets, who won their fifth straight game, added to the lakers’ woes.For the Nuggets, Gordon had 24 points and seven rebounds, Jokic 18 points, nine rebounds, 15 assists and three steals, Patton 15 points and five assists, Morris 18 points and seven assists, Hyland 13 points, five rebounds and six assists and Forbes 14 points.For the Bucks, Antetokounmpo had 29 points and nine rebounds, Portis had 11 points and five rebounds, Allen had 11 points and four rebounds, Holiday had 14 points, five rebounds and eight assists, and Middleton had nine points, five rebounds and seven assists.In the opening two teams focused on the inside, portis and Middleton strong attack, jokic and Barton responded.Since then Allen and Morris on the road three points, the two teams alternately rising scores.After giannis antetokounmpo and Portis led the nuggets in the middle of the period, the nuggets got their power from the outside. Gordon, Morris and Jokic hit back-to-back 3-pointers. After the nuggets tied the game, Hyland hit two more 3-pointers.Denver 33-30 Bucks in the first quarter.In the second quarter, Highland continued to fire from the outside, Forbes added the icing, Giannis antetokounmpo drove to the basket, combined with Holiday for seven points, and Gordon’s sudden 3-pointer gave the Nuggets a 5-8 lead.Morris and Gordon pushed the lead to double digits at the end of the quarter, and Antetokounmpo responded with 3-pointers and free throws to give the Nuggets a 65-57 lead at halftime.In the second half, Gordon and Middleton went on a 3-pointer surge, Morris led the way to stop the bucks, and Jokic came back from a timeout with five straight points to bring the lead to 20.Middleton and Connaughton helped the Bucks chip away in the second half, but Gordon and Morris made good shots.Portis and Patton hit 3-pointers and Rivers hit 3-pointers at the end of the quarter, leaving the Bucks 103-81 after three quarters.Entering the fourth quarter, the Nuggets went straight to the bench, and Giannis antetokounmpo continued to add numbers in the middle, averaging 29 points before clocking out.But Forbes scored nine points in the first half and the Nuggets held a 20-point lead as the Bucks routed the Nuggets 136-100 at home, sending them their fifth straight win.Jokic, who had 15 assists, led the Nuggets on 22 3-pointers, with Morris making 4 of 5, Gordon 4 of 8 and Hyland 3 of 5.The Bucks don’t seem to be very good at playing teams like the Nuggets. The Bucks are defensively strong on the perimeter, but they just can’t contain Jokic as a fulcrum.The Bucks lost today, but they still lead the Nets by 0.5 games, the eastern conference top six race is very tight, the Nets’ fourth straight loss, put them in a completely passive position.Without Murray and Porter as big scorers, the Nuggets are getting more stable.Morris and Patton’s steady shooting, Gordon’s offensive and defensive versatility, Jokic’s role as a backstop, in addition to the bench like Rivers, Hyland, Forbes have been very impressive recently.After the all-star weekend, Murray is expected to return to the Denver nuggets are the state of the western they hold on to the first six problem is not big, even have the opportunity to impact the fourth place in the western conference, the gap between them and the jazz 1.5 games left, and the nuggets is now leading the lakers five games, the lakers hard to compete through the playoffs, big probability to make up the play-offs.