Yao Wei is in a dilemma whether to go back to Jiujiang or not, please almighty net friends to help him think of a way!

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Everybody is good!This Spring Festival, Xu Min and his wife had a warm and happy time with Yao Wei.Felt yao Wei tian Jing’s filial piety already, also enjoy the joy of family life on qi Qi Yue Yue body.But because of the reason to go to work, at present, Xu Min and his wife have safely returned to Jiujiang, parting, Yao Wei Tian Jing also showed a reluctant feeling!Therefore, many netizens on yao Wei Tian Jing shout, since not willing to give up Xu Min couple, then quickly move to Jiujiang!Indeed, on the eve of 2022, Xu Min had made three New Year’s wishes in a night talk show, namely “find out the truth”, “return to the house” and “Yao Wei return to Jiujiang”.If Yao Wei tian Jing moved to Jiujiang now, xu Min’s third wish would be realized sooner.More importantly, in Xu Mindu Xinzhi two parties have been water and fire, in the wrong case has entered the critical moment, Yao Wei Tian Jing returned to Jiujiang early, not only can better help Xu Min, but also can avoid the danger in Zhumadian may appear.Although xu Min’s aunt in Henan and her daughter’s accident is just an accident, but in view of zhumadian is Du Xinzhi’s territory, in view of yao Wei Du Xinzhi’s increasingly distant relationship, Yao Wei Tian Jing should still guard against the point.To take a step back, even if yao Wei’s safety is guaranteed in Zhumadian, but as long as Yao Wei’s family is still in Zhumadian, Xu Min and Du Xinzhi’s duel will inevitably have the psychology of “avoiding the trap”, Xu Min will inevitably be worried about Yao Wei being hurt, or revenge and difficult to make up her mind.Yao Wei must, of course, also want to as soon as possible back to jiujiang, but because the working relationship and interpersonal relationships are in zhumadian, should be moved back to jiujiang is not so easy to do as soon as possible, especially in henan province recently issued a auxiliary police are expected to enter business establishment policy (excel or pass the exam can be positive), is to let Yao Wei into a dilemma.To say not to return to Jiujiang, Xu Min’s third wish will certainly not come true.At the same time, it is not conducive to finding out the truth of the wrong exchange 28 case;If he went back to Jiujiang, Yao wei would miss a golden opportunity to join the official police force.To know, Yao Wei did a good job in the unit, excellent performance, with this policy, Yao Wei is very likely to enter the formal police.Dear readers, in yao wei’s current dilemma, which decision do you think is better?Or, in your opinion, is there a better way to have it both ways?Ideas are welcome!