In Xizhou, Dali, this “living” art is still enduring

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Instead of going to the noisy old city or the crowded seaside, I want to return to nature and experience the Jiama culture in Xizhou, Dali.Sunny afternoon, is suitable for wasting good time, if you have half a day, might as well choose a favorite pattern, print a jiama work to bring blessings home.Jiama, which originated from the Tang Dynasty, refers to the armored horse. It is the messenger of the world and the heaven, through whom people send blessings to the heaven.Jia Ma, also known as “paper horse” and “god paper”, is a mysterious folk woodcut art for offering sacrifices to ghosts and gods to pray for the elimination of disasters.The horses and horses of bai nationality reflect people’s hard search for the mystery of nature and their desire for a better life, and also reflect the extraordinary value of Chinese folk art.Good people meet, four seasons peace…Each picture represents a kind of faith, prayer and blessing, which almost covers all the contents of people’s life.As the predecessor of movable type printing, it has been declining and even extinct in China due to various reasons. Fortunately, in Xizhou, Dali, this “living” art is still enduring.So I recommend every partner to come to Xizhou experience oh!Take photos, be in a trance, experience the Jia Ma culture along the store is not big, the door has a wonderful hole, indoor and outdoor photos are very good!# Dali Tourism # # Dali Bai Jia Ma # # Xi Zhou # # Intangible Heritage #